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 Paula England Award Statement

Paula England, University of Pennsylvania

Since earning her doctorate at the University of Chicago in 1975, Paula England has established herself as one of the most influential and respected scholars in the field of gender stratification. Her research has focused primarily on understanding women in the labor market, especially the gender gap in pay. Using rigorous methodologies and arguments, England’s work had documented persistent gender discrimination and inequality in the labor market. Her research findings have challenged the assumptions of dominant paradigms, such as rational choice and neoclassical economic theory, and led her to develop an integrated theory of gender inequality: England argues that there is a systematic devaluation of "the female" in all social institutions, and a wage penalty attached to the skill of “nurturance.” Her careful empirical research has important implications in the fields of sociology, economics, and women’s studies. She has published numerous articles in top ranked journals, and has authored Comparable Worth: Theories and Evidence and of Households, Employment, Theory on Gender/Feminism on Theory, and co-authored (with George Farkas) Gender: A Social, Economic, and Demographic View and Industries, Firms, and Jobs. In addition to being known for an extremely productive scholarship, England is known for her social activism and mentoring of new feminist scholars. England is a former editor of American Sociological Review, former chair of the ASA Section on Sex and Gender, and is on the editorial board of many journals.