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Barrie Thorne Award Statement

Barrie Thorne, University of California-Berkeley

The Jessie Bernard Award is given annually in recognition of scholarly work that has enlarged the horizons of sociology to encompass fully the role of women in society. As a scholar, researcher, teacher, and mentor, Thorne exemplifies the outstanding qualities and achievements of Jessie Bernard. Thorne’s contributions to sociological and feminist thought have been far-reaching. Her mentoring, activism, and teaching have enlightened and inspired many people and will extend her legacy far into the future. Thorne has continually identified important topics ahead of her time. Her research on gender has been particularly influential, along with her work on childhood, language, and social change. Thorne’s scholarship has challenged conventional sociological thinking, broadening and deepening the discipline. Her articles are reprinted widely and reach scholars and publics in diverse fields. Thorne’s collection, Rethinking the Family: Some Feminist Questions, first published in 1982 (revised edition 1992), helped reshape the study of the family.