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ASA Election Information

Each spring the Association conducts an annual election of officers for the national organization and sections. Starting with the 2009 annual election the default method for the ASA Annual Election was electronic; printed ballots were available upon request.  While participation in the annual ASA election has been growing, the number of members casting paper ballots has declined dramatically.  Based on performance data over the last five years, the ASA Council decided in 2008 to move to an online format for the annual election starting in 2009.  Members were notified one month before the launch of the 2009 election that they could request a paper ballot.  At the start of the annual election, all members with e-mail addresses on file automatically received notification of the launch of the election and instructions on how to cast their ballots.

Since 2001, ASA has required ASA members to have an active memberships by March 31st in order to participate in the ASA election.


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