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Status of Racial and Ethnic Minorities in Sociology

Mission Statement

Council established this and three other Status Committees to advise and guide the Association on the status of the discipline and profession of those groups that have experienced a pattern of discrimination in society.  Every five years Council reviews the work of these committees and renews or retires the committees.  The most recent review occurred in 2011.

Status Committee Members

Name Begin End Position
Christopher Bonastia 1/1/2013 12/31/2015 Member
Jooyoung Kim Lee 1/1/2013 12/31/2016 Member
Nancy Lopez 1/1/2015 12/31/2017 Chair
Diditi Mitra 1/1/2012 12/31/2017 Member
Mignon Moore 9/1/2015 8/31/2018 Council Liaison
Victor M. Rios 1/1/2011 12/31/2016 Member
Wendy D. Roth 1/1/2012 12/31/2015 Member
Jean H. Shin 1/1/2006 12/31/2020 Executive Staff Liaison
Celeste M. Watkins-Hayes 1/1/2013 12/31/2015 Member
Ruth E. Zambrana 1/1/2014 12/31/2017 Member