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Green BulletOctober 1972
Green BulletNovember 1972
Green BulletDecember 1972

  • Coser and Lenski at the Top of the Ticket (ASA Candidates)
  • Eliot Friedson Wins Sorokin Award
  • Editorial: Ten Years that Shook No World
  • Mirra Komarovsky, Barnard College, President of ASA
  • A Decade in Review and a Preview of Dues (Audit)
  • Minorities and Women in Sociology: Are Opportunities Changing (by
        Maurice Jackson, ASA Executive Specialist)
  • Talent Bank Still Open for Deposits
  • In-Groups and Out-Groups (New/Terminated ASA Sections)
  • White House Fellows
  • The Grilling of the Monteleone
  • ASA Establishes SAS Award for Methodology
  • Backwash from Bourbon Street: Questions and Answers from the Titles
        of Papers in the Annual Program
  • Annual Meeting Program Items
  • Sociologists Join Citizen Effort to Dispel Myths on Population Growth
  • Honors to the Honor Society
  • Jackson Adds Age to Sex and Minority Concerns
  • Social Indicators Center in Washington
  • Letters to the Editor (Howard J. Lewis, Harry A. Scarr, James M.
        Fendrich, Edgar   F. Borgatta)
  • “How Many Are We?”
  • NSF Research Grants (for fiscal year ending June 30, 1972)
  • Social Forces Editor Change (Everett K. Wilson)
  • Deaths: Wayland J. Hayes, John Kosa, Mary van Kleeck, Thomas
        Jackson   Woofter, Jr.
  • Obituaries: Lee Marshall Brooks, Donald P. Kent, Glenn Almer
        Bakkum, Purna   Chandra Subudhi, Joseph William McGee, Thomas
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  • Who Shall Govern? Know Your Council Nominees (ASA Candidates)
  • Eliot Friedson Elected to NAS Institute of Medicine
  • Publish and Perish--If You Don’t Get Permission: Guidelines to
        Copyright Materials
  • David Heise to Edit Sociological Methodology
  • Oligarchic Complaint Proposes Selective Constraint to Counter Editorial
  • Letters to the Editor (Edgar Chasteen, Davida P. Gates, M.I.A. Bulmer,
        Warren E. Solomon)
  • Addenda to List of PhDs

    Special Section on Studies and Comments on the Profession

  • Recent Trends in Graduate Training: Preliminary Results of a Survey
        (Robert W, Habenstein)
  • Quantitative and Collaborative Trends in American Sociological Research
        (Narsi Patel)
  • Measuring Sociological Productivity: A Review and a Proposal (Frank
  • The Failure of 100 Divided by 3 to Equal 33-1/3 (Arthur E. Nudelman
        and Clifford C. Landers)
  • Journal Productivity of PhD Sociologists (Richard F. Larson, Marc L.
        Petrowsky, and Joseph S. Vandiver)
  • Publish or Perish: Book Productivity and Academic Rank at 26 Elite
        Universities (Richard Doering)
  • University and Departmental Determinants of the Prestige of Sociology
        Departments (Walter F. Abbott)
  • Sociologists on the Move (Clyde W. Franklin, Jr., Wen L. Li and Laurel
        R. Walum)
  • Outcome Measures and Social Action Experiments: An Immodest
        Proposal for Redirecting Research Efforts (Howard E. Freeman)
  • Variations in Introductory Sociology Courses (Howard D. Schwartz and
        Cary S. Kart)
  • A Note on Teaching Basic Sociological Concepts (Susan O. Gustavus)
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  • Westward Ho! Council Convenes in San Francisco
  • 1973 Program Additions
  • Opportunities for Professors Emeriti and Graduate Students in
        Developing Institutions
  • Suggestions for Annual Program? 1973 Program Closed; 1974 Program
  • Research Probed from Policy Implications and New Directions in
        Graduate Training
  • Panel on Social Experimentation
  • TAS Leaves Tabloid and Returns to Journal Format
  • The Fall and Rise of the Academic Job Market for Sociologists (Kurt
  • An Anniversary: 20 Years of Sociological Abstracts
  • Minutes from August 26, 1972 Council Meeting (1972 Council)
  • Minutes from August 27, 1972 Council Meeting (1973 Council)
  • Minutes from August 31-September 1, 1972 Council Meeting (1973
  • Minutes from August 29-30, 1972 Business Meetings
  • Obituaries: John Kosa
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