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Green Arrow Footnotes
January 1978 (Volume 6, Number 1)
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  • Is Sociology Relevant to the "Real" World? Yes, but . . .
  • Minority Fellowship Program Compiles Impressive Four Year Record
  • Teaching Workshop Scheduled for Midwest Meeting
  • Committee Structure Revised by ASA Council
  • Sociologist Andrew Lind?s Classroom on Wheels
  • Commission Addressed Conditions at Disclosure
  • Aging Symposium Set for AAAS Meeting
  • Minority Fellowship Program Offers Applied Fellowships
  • Ode to Boston: Center of the Universe (a poem by Spencer Condie)
  • Open Forum: "Recommends Specific Training for Federal Careers"
        (Ronald Manderscheid)
  • ASA Committee on Expanding Employment Opportunities Seeks
        Sociologists in Non-Academic Settings
  • Applied Sociology Workshop Slated for Pacific Meeting
  • Danforth Program Offers Fellowships
  • Sale of Teaching Materials Shows Substantial Increase
  • NIA Seeks Health Scientist Administrator
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • SPSSI Announces Dissertation Prizes
  • Obituaries: T. Earl Sullenger
  • The American Sociologist Features New Perspectives
  • Family Impact Survey Underway
  • NCJRS Offers Free Services
  • Preparing Worldwide Report on Health Systems Research
  • Top

  • Decline in Social Science Majors
  • Candidates for ASA Election
  • Non Academic Settings Supportive of Research
  • New ASA Publications: Careers in Sociology, 1978 Guide, Directory of
        Members, Directory of Departments
  • Committee Structure for 1978
  • ICPSR Programs Provide Training Opporrtunities
  • Sociologists Head Seminars for College Teachers
  • Obituaries: John M. Foskett
  • Elizabeth Briant Lee Elected President of Association for Humanist
  • World Congress of Sociology Theme, Travel, Grants
  • Eastern Sociological Society Forms Lectureship Committee
  • Social Indicators Issued by Commerce Department
  • Teaching vs. Research: Everett Wilson Calls for Revision of Teaching
        Role in Sociology
  • Occupational Data File Available
  • Eastern Sociological Society Meeting Schedules Innovative Sessions
  • Emory University Program Studies English Health Care
  • Committee on Alternative Resources Seeks Support
  • Proposals Sought on Institutional Racism
  • Conference on Meta-Theory
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • Forum Debates Business Responsibility
  • Paul Chalfant Elected Mid-South Sociological Association President
  • NIH Forum Seeks Sociologists
  • AAAS Seeks Congressional Fellowship Applicants
  • Committee Appointments
  • New HRAF Improves Potential for Worldwide Theory Testing
  • Council Seeks Advice on Election Procedures
  • Top

  • Council Approves Continuation of Problems of Discipline Program
  • Non-Academic Settings: Breadth and Depth Needed in Graduate
  • Workshop Held on Opportunities in Federal Employment
  • Midwest Sociological Society Examines Structural Paradigm
  • Southern Sociological Society Special Sessions
  • NIE Plans New Programs and Expands Others
  • Election Edition: Candidate Biographies
  • Notre Dame Research Convention
  • On Verses Versus Boston (a poem by Suzanne Fleming)
  • Open Forum: "Seeks More Effective Organization of Sociologists"
        (Wade H. Andrews); "Cites Need to Notice How Much Learning is
        Taking Place" (Reyes Ramos)
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • Information Sought on Memorial Session Held to Honor Harry
  • Obituaries: Harry Alpert, Henry A. Bowman, Carroll D. Clark, Norman
        S. Hayner
  • Committee on Publications Report
  • Editors' Reports
  • Letters to the Editor: "Piener Rgues 4 Reformd Spelling" (S. Colum
        Gilfillan); "Photos Provide Data for Voting Decisions" (Cecelia E.
        Sudia); "Request Fewer Letters of Reference" (Phyllis C. Barrins)
  • Survey on Ethical Issues in Evaluation Research
  • ASA Project Plans Workshops in Florida and Colorado
  • Top

  • ASA Teaching Newsletter Seeks Subscribers
  • ASA Creates New Award Structure
  • Several ABASS Studies Underway
  • Departmental Role Focuses on Undergraduate Teaching
  • NSF Reorganizes RANN Program
  • Alternative Career Opportunities Outlined by Sociologists
  • ISA Travel Information
  • Spivack Fellowship Deadline Set for June 1
  • Nominations Sought for Myrdal Prizes
  • Percent of Social Science Degrees Decreases in 1970s
  • Second Edition of Inquiries in Sociology Published
  • Pennsylvania Sociological Society Officers
  • Open Forum: "Assets Minority Employment Prospects Bright" (Phillip
        Carey); "Seeks Questions for Practical Research Bank" (Donald E.
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • Election Studies Given Long-Range Funding
  • Center for Rape Prevention Offers Three Categories of Grants
  • Center Seeks Proposals on Reproductive Behavior
  • Proposals Sought on Social Factors Related to Oral Health
  • Sociological Follies Need Volunteers
  • Mount Vernon College Offers Facilities for Summer Programs
  • Visual Sociologists Invite Participation
  • Obituaries: Robert L. Kanter, Paul L. Wuebben, Morton DeCorcey
  • Minutes of January 13, 1978, meeting of 1978 Council
  • More Editors? Reports
  • More Committee Reports
  • Section Reports
  • After Thoughts; Final Words
  • Departments Attend ASA Teaching Workshop
  • NCSA Focuses on Human Rights, Undergraduate Teaching
  • New Videotape on Computer Graphics
  • ASA Award Deadlines
  • Top

  • Council Debates ERA Issues and Convention Sites
  • Federal Budget Requests for Social Science Outlined
  • COGRAT Issues Recommendations on Initial Appointments
  • Plenary and Thematic Sessions Emphasize Grown Phenomena
  • First Spivack Fellowships Announced
  • ASA Committee on the Profession Seeks Information on
        COINTELPRO Activities
  • ASA Committee on the Profession Seeks Information on Unethical
  • Non-Academic Settings: Sociologists React to and Discuss Meaning of
  • Countries Request Fulbrights in Sociology
  • Spivack Fellowship Application Deadline
  • Conference to Examine Research Regulations
  • ASA Award Deadlines
  • New National Council Soliciting Research Proposals on Soviet Union
        and East Europe
  • Section on Aging Seeks Members
  • Academic Advising: Full-Time Position Termed "Rewarding"
  • ASA Annual Meeting to Serve as Lab: New Sponsor Named
  • Population Policy Proposals Sought
  • Journal of Applied Behavioral Science Seeks Editor
  • AAAS Socio-Psychological Prize Competition
  • New Members Named to NSF Advisory Group
  • Citizens Willing to Fund Research
  • Research Proposals Sought on Health Costs
  • NCSA Session Focuses on Futures for Sociologists
  • ASA Problem of Discipline Grants Supporting Three Groups
  • COFRAT: Guidelines for Initiation Appointments (including suggested
        letter of initial appointment offer)
  • Western Massachusetts Consortium Holds First Meeting
  • Council Considering Offering Group Insurance
  • Lazarsfeld Lectures Begin; Hans Zeisel to Give First Lecture
  • Minutes of March 11, 1978, meeting of 1978 Council
  • Committee Reports
  • Time, Space Allocation Guidelines Announced for Annual Meetings
  • Award Winning Student Films
  • Auditor's Report: December 31, 1977
  • Letters to the Editor: Difficulties in Selecting Job Applicants (Lauren H.
  • DC Society Holds Job Conference for Undergraduates
  • Obituaries: D. Mehdi Azimi
  • New Service Provides Quick Access to Federal Statistics
  • Inter-Organizational Cooperation Produces Workshop on Introductory
        Sociology Course (Robert E. Kennedy, Jr., and Mohammad Tavakoli)
  • ASA Receives Funds for Abt Prize on the Conditions of Social
  • NIMH Wants More Research on Minority Groups
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • Top

  • Report of the President: Amos Hawley Cites New ASA Actions
  • President Elect Hubert M. Blalock, Jr. Announces Theme for 1979
        Annual Meeting
  • Peter Rossi Wins Presidential Runoff; Helen MacGill Hughes Elected
        Vice President
  • Monanes Make Bequest to ASA for Two Programs
  • Teaching Center Relocates to ASA Office
  • Sociologists in Non-Academic Jobs Suggest Actions
  • William Foote Whyte Heads Effort to Link Academia and Congress
  • Portrait of the New ASA President: A Bundle of Contradictions: Which
        is the Real Tad Blalock? (Gerhard Lenski)
  • General Sessions and Organizers Named for 1979 ASA Meeting
  • Sociological Follies Cancelled
  • ASA Developing Non-Academic Roster
  • Editors Selected for ASA Journals: Howard B. Kaplan, JHSB; Alan C.
        Kerckhoff, SOE; Allen Grimshaw to Remain TAS Editor While Council
        Considers Future
  • Effort Underway to Improve Reporting of Social Sciences
  • Mid-South Sociological Association Launches New Journal,
        Sociological Forum
  • Postsecondary Research Group Forms in AERA
  • Washington Forms State Association
  • Report of the Secretary: Short: Remodeling, Finances and Divisive
        Tendencies (James F. Short, Jr.)
  • Problems of the Discipline Grant Deadline
  • Employment Projections, Job Seeking Tips Presented for
        Undergraduate, Graduate Sociology Trainees (Doris Wilkinson)
  • Foundation Seeks Proposals on Current Values
  • Sociologists Receive Grants for Population Policy Studies
  • Non-Profit Organizations Fund Sociologists (Guggenheim, German
        Marshall Fund, ACLS/SSRC, ACLS)
  • ASA Projects Schedule Workshops for Departmental Chairs and New
  • Report of the Executive Officer: Executive Office Functions to ASA
        Constitution (Russell Dynes)
  • ASA Historical Materials Sought
  • What Do You Do in the Executive Office? An Empirical Answer
        (Russell Dynes)
  • ASA Staff: An Introduction by Person and Job Activities
  • Minority Fellowship Program: First PhD, Celestino Fernandez, Fulfilling
        Its Promise
  • Proposals Wanted on Health of Children
  • Minority Fellowship Program Facing Funding Reductions
  • Researchers on Western Europe Sought
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • Regulations for Research on Children
  • Wisconsin Association Plans Teaching Workshop
  • Section on Methodology Announces Training Institute at Annual
  • Leaflet on Information Act
  • Organizations Elect Sociologists
  • NSF Facing Large Budget Cut
  • Clinical Sociology Network Launched
  • ASA Conducts Referendum on Site of 1980 Annual Meeting (because
        Atlanta is not in an ERA state)
  • Sociologists Selected Woodrow Wilson Scholars
  • Recommendations for Review Board to be Published
  • Student Journal Directory Seeking Information
  • Letters to the Editor: On the New Careers in Sociology: "Unrealistic
        Picture on Roles, Market" (Jon Darling, Roslyn Darling); "Reads Well,
        Likes Gender Balance" (Charles A. Goldsmid); "An Improvement, a
        Disappointment" (Monica M. Morris). Other: "Must Return to a Quality
        System" (Pierre L. van den Berghe)
  • Open Forum: "Visions of Utopia" (Don Martindale)
  • TAS Wants Ideas on Academic Freedom
  • Obituaries: Frieda Fligelman, Winston W. Ehrmann, Hans W. Mattick,
        Harley O. Preston, Olive M. Stone
  • Harry Alpert Fund Established
  • Copies of National Drug Abuse Studies Available from NIDA
  • Late Charge Instituted for Late ASA Dues Payment
  • Clearinghouse on Academic Freedom Created
  • Funds Available for NIMH Grants
  • Grants Awarded for World Congress Travel
  • Top

  • Editor's Note: Continuous series on "Social Science and Government"
  • Social Science and Government: Study Examines Federal Investment in
        Social Science (Lawrence J. Rhoades)
  • Nathan Glazer: Graduate Training Needs Professional Perspective
  • Program Committee Seeks Suggestions
  • Annual Meeting Moves to New York, Result of Referendum
  • Alice Meyers, ASA Administrative Officer, to Retire
  • New ISA Officers
  • Assessing Interest in Social Aspects of Space Utilization
  • David Mechanic Resigns Council Seat; Pauline Bart Accepts Council
        Post (Caroline Perrucci takes Bart's Seat on Committee on
  • Corresponding with ASA
  • Jessie Bernard Award Guidelines Announced
  • Privacy Research Competition Seeks Proposals
  • From Social R&D to Social Knowledge P&A
  • Problems Hamper Social Organization of Social Research Effort
        (Lawrence J. Rhoades)
  • Oversight Institutions Named
  • Federal Funds: How Much, From Where, For What, For Whom
        (Lawrence J. Rhoades)
  • ASA Projects Slate Workshop for New Teachers
  • Syllabi Set on Sociology of Education Available from Teaching
        Resources Center
  • Supplementary Sessions
  • Undergraduate Teachers Participate in NEH Summer Seminars
  • Sociologists Teaching Chatauqua Courses: Apply Now
  • Registry of Retired Sociology Being Updated
  • Obituaries: Betty Radley Green, Hei Chu Kim, Robert Lee Sutherland
  • Lecture Series Honors Robert F. Winch
  • Minutes of June 16, 1978, meeting of 1978 Council
  • Another View of Graduate Education
  • Civil Service Commission Expands Program to Graduate Students
  • Top

  • Lilly Awards Second Grant to ASA Teacher Development Project
  • Candidates for ASA Offices
  • Teaching Resources Group Expands as Demand Increases in Third Year
  • Minority Fellowship Program Receives Additional Funds
  • Participation of Sociologists in Fulbright Program Reviewed (Russell Dynes)
  • Spivack Fellowships Awarded
  • Eubank Collection Donated to Chicago
  • COINTELPRO Activities
  • Proposals Wanted on Diet and Nutrition
  • Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements Being Organized
  • ASA Involvement in International Scene
  • Sociologists Named Fulbright Scholars for 1978-79
  • Tax Deductions for Attending Meetings in Other Countries
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • A Profile: Minorities in Sociology and Other Behavioral Sciences (Doris Wilkinson)
  • International Effort: Integration of Social Science Information
  • ASA Guidelines Cited for Exercising Right to Petition
  • Statisticians Honor Three Sociologists
  • New AID Division Seeks Social Science Feedback
  • SPSSI Task Force Seeks Input
  • Paper Discusses Statistical Disclosure
  • Teaching Positions Overseas
  • General Social Survey Results Available
  • Human Relations Area File Announces Summer Workshop
  • Section Organizers
  • Photos of Former ASA Presidents Available
  • Science Citation Index Data Base Leased by NSF
  • Top

  • NIE Awards ASA Grant for Research Skills Institute
  • ASA Council, Committee Candidates
  • Social Science and Government: NSF Council Preparing Reports on
        Science Policy Issues (Lawrence J. Rhoades)
  • Sociologists to Participate in AAAS Meeting
  • Blalock: A Personal Appeal for Suggestions
  • NSF Seeks Replacement for Herbert Costner
  • Studies Wanted on Drug Abuse
  • Nominations Sought for Editors of Rose Monograph Series and SPQ
  • Open Forum: "ABS Statement Assails Book by Wilson"; "Black
        Sociologist Backs Wilson" (William A. Sampson); "Wants to Remove
        Restrictions on Meeting Papers" (Lee H. Bowker); "Suggest New
        Course of Action for State Sociological Associations" (Charlene
        Rushton Black)
  • Section on Visual Sociology Being Organized
  • Sociologists Place in SPSSI Dissertation Award Competition
  • ASA Council Opposes Proposition 6
  • MFP Invites Applications
  • Minutes of September 6, 1978, meeting of 1978 Council
  • Career Bibliography II: More Resources for Sociology Trainees (Doris
  • Alternative Careers for Academics Bulletin
  • Visiting Fulbrights Open to Invitations
  • Study Project on Social Research and Development Publications
  • Donations to ASA Fund for the Discipline Invited
  • Top