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  • Science and Technology Report Shows Need for Social Sciences
         (Lawrence J. Rhoades)
  • DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award Given Posthumously to Ira de
        Augustine Reid
  • William Foote Whyte Becomes ASA Presidential Candidate through
        Open Nominations Process
  • William H. Sewell Heads National Commission on Research
  • Congress Adds to R&D Funding for Fiscal Year 1979
  • Teaching/Learning Strategy Accents Citizenship Role
  • Annual Reviews: Assistance in Keeping Up with Developments;
        Suggestions Invited
  • ASA Solicits Proposals on Invasion of Privacy for Abt Award
  • Society for Social Studies of Science Elect Lowell Hargens and Jerry
        Gaston to Offices
  • Uppsala ISA Tax Forms Lost
  • FCC Children's Television Task Force Seeks Studies
  • Journal of the History of Sociology Founded to Celebrate Centenniel of
        Teaching of Sociology
  • ASA Represented at APHA Meeting
  • Eleven ASA Minority Fellows Have Received PhDs
  • Research Program Proposed on Female Equity in Education
  • Samuel Leinhardt Named SM Editor
  • James McCartney Named TAS Editor
  • Three New Publishing Ventures Announced for Social Sciences
  • Council of Editors Formed to Promote Cooperation and
  • British Sociological Association Assumes Control of Journal, Moves to
        New Offices
  • Studies Sought on Effect of Inflation and Taxation on Consumers
  • National Archives Contain Data for Research and Teaching
  • Committee on National Statistics Seeks Input on Incomplete Survey
  • New York State Sociological Association, South Carolina Sociological
        Association Announce Election Results
  • University of California-Berkeley Begins Teaching Assistant Training
  • Brown University Receives Grant from Henry Luce Foundation
  • Letters to the Editor: "Teach General Skills of Analysis" (Paul M.
  • NIMH Solicits Proposals for Fellowships
  • Obituaries: Leo G. Reeder, Buford H. Junker, C. Terence Pihlblad,
        Henry L. Manheim, Joseph Chiozza Lagey
  • National Research and Information Center Offers Services to Facilitate
        Research on Death
  • Minutes of September 9, 1978, meeting of 1979 Council
  • NSF Sets Proposal Limits
  • Language-International Studies Commission Identifies Focus; Allen
        Kassof is Member
  • Survey of Longitudinal Studies
  • Institutional Review Board Comments Invited
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  • Thematic Panels Announced for Boston Annual Meeting
  • Changes in Committee Structure Limited to Ad Hoc Category
  • William D'Antonio: Curriculum Needs to be Turned Inside Out
  • NEH Offers Summer Seminars for College Teachers
  • NIE Wants Proposals on Teaching and Learning
  • Center for Population Research Issues Call for Applications on
        Unwanted Pregnancy Studies
  • Merriam Professorship in Political Science at University of Illinois,
  • Success of First ASA Projects Chair Workshop Leads to Planning
  • Social Problems Syllabi Available from TRC
  • East-West Population Institute Sponsors Population Summer Seminar
  • Editors' Reports
  • Committee Appointments
  • Murray Melbin Wins AAAS Socio-Psychological Price
  • Fulbright Opportunities
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
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  • Referendum Slated on Membership-Dues Structure
  • Sociological Inventory: Ready for Reviews
  • Election Edition: Candidate Biographies
  • Plenary Sessions Announced for Boston Annual Meeting
  • Applications Invited for Spivack Fellowships
  • ASA Award Deadlines
  • Paris Conference on Sociology of Education
  • National Archives Offers Courses
  • Cancer Institute Seeks Proposals
  • Kenneth Prewitt Named SSRC President
  • Report of Status of Women in Sociology, 1934-1977 (Doris Wilkinson)
  • Sociologists Help Produce Handbook on Educational Planning
  • Footnotes Publishes Classified Ads
  • NCSA Workshop on Educating Applied Sociologists
  • ASA Projects Workshop Begins Development of Network for Training
        Graduate Students to Teach
  • Interfuture Provides Research Opportunities for Undergraduates
  • Association for Humanist Sociology Announces Election Results, New
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • Committee Reports
  • RFP Performance of Agencies Assessed
  • Council Approves Insurance Plan
  • Matilda Riley, Orville Brim Elected to Institute of Medicine
  • Survey Research Techniques Summer Seminar
  • Rose Monograph Series Enters Second Decade; 20 Titles Issued
  • Sociology and ASA Course Becomes National Honors Program
  • Employment Bulletin Encourages Non-Academic Listings
  • New 1979 Guide to Graduate Departments
  • New Edition of Registry of Retired Sociologists Available
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  • Changes Made in Space Allocation at Annual Meeting
  • Committee on Sections Re-Established
  • Preferential Voting Set for ASA Election
  • Plenary Marks Symbolic Transfer of Responsibility (Lawrence J.
  • ASA Offers Opportunity to Form Ad Hoc Research Groups
  • Task Force on Certification/Accreditation Created
  • ADAMHA Raises Small Grant Limit
  • NSF Launches Program to Improve Management of Research Projects
  • Section Dues Increased for 1980
  • Section on Methodology Training Institute
  • Five Sessions to Focus on Teaching at ASA Meeting
  • Texas Establishes Monetary Teaching Award
  • Pennsylvania Sociological Society Elects Officers
  • Feeder System Developed by Illinois Wesleyan AKD
  • NIE Invites Proposals on Organizational Process
  • Planning Survey of PhD Nurses
  • NEH Offers Fellowships to Teachers
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • Youth Values Report
  • Census Experts Wanted for Project
  • Summer Program in Medical Sociology at Boston University
  • Minutes of January 23, 1979, meeting of 1979 Council
  • Section Reports
  • Criminal Justice Studies Underway at Northwestern University
  • Obituaries: James Tamplin Laing, Svend Henry Reimer
  • Biopolitical Research Center Established at Northern Illinois University
  • Problems of Discipline Program Funds Three Projects; Proposals
  • Council Expands Membership and Mission of Problems of Discipline
  • Humanities Report Final Report Due
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  • China Reinstates Sociology as a Branch of Science
  • Council Establishes Two Major Awards, Approves Publications Policies
  • Golden Fleece Suite Reaches Supreme Court
  • ASA President Hubert M. Blalock, Jr. Urges More Support for
        Minorities in Science
  • Debates on Major Theoretical Issues Set for Boston Annual Meeting
  • Edward Shils Named NEH Jefferson Lecturer
  • Committee on Profession Reports Results of Survey: Fewer
        Scholar/Publisher Problems than Expected
  • Milton Gordon Encourages Closer Links Between Psychology and
        Sociology in ESS Presidential Address
  • ASA Professional Workshop Series
  • Techniques for Teaching Concepts Available from TRC
  • Didactic Seminars Aim to Update Knowledge, Skills
  • More TRC Syllabi Sets Being Developed; Submissions Invited
  • Ethelyn Davis Receives Cornaro Award
  • California State-Northridge Course Explores Sociological Dimensions of
        Industrialization and Settlement of Space
  • ICPSR Summer Program on Quantitative Methods
  • Anthropology Editors Donate Royalties to Minority Fellowship Program
  • Analysis of 1971-77 Job Listings Available
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • Cartoon by David Adams, Ohio State-Lima
  • Letters to the Editor: "Caution Expressed on Free Services" (Thomas C.
        Nelson); "Underrepresentation of White Males" (Samuel Mueller); 
        "Free Academic Use of Meeting Papers" (Bo G. Eriksson); "Urges
        International Approach to Sociology" (Maria Maxfield); "Social
        Consequences of Science and Technology" (Shirley Kolack)
  • Countries Want Sociologist Fulbright Scholars
  • Auditor's Report, December 31, 1978
  • Obituaries: Melville Dalton, Hans Heinrich Gerth
  • Executive Associates Doris Wilkinson and Lawrence J. Rhoades
  • Committee on Publications Report
  • Representative Reports
  • Richard Ofshe Shares Pulitzer Prize for Public Service
  • Nominations Invited for Committees on Nominations, Committees
  • New ASA Publications: Guide to Graduate Departments, Directory of
        Departments, Directory of Members, Federal Funding Programs for
        Social Scientists, Guidelines for Initial Appointments in Sociology
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  • Report of the President: Hubert Blalock, Jr. Stresses Long-Term Issues
  • President-Elect Peter Rossi Recognizes Diversity in 1980 Annual
        Meeting Theme
  • William Foote Whyte New ASA President; Renee Fox, Vice President;
        Herbert Costner, Secretary
  • ASA Council Takes Actions in Support of Teaching
  • Portrait of ASA President Peter Rossi: A Robin Hooding Heavyweight
        at the Helm
  • Sessions, Organizers Announced for 1980 Annual Meeting
  • Clinical Sociology Association Organized
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes; to Alice Myers on her retirement)
  • Open Forum: "Institutional Review Boards: Legal-Administrative Bases" 
        (James M. Murtha, Lauren H. Seiler)
  • Tributes to Talcot Parsons, 1902-1979
  • ASA Research Skills Development Institute Held at Morgan State
  • George Bohrnstedt Named SPQ Editor
  • Suzanne Keller Named Rose Editor
  • Student Reception Scheduled for 1979 Annual Meeting
  • Report of the Secretary: James F. Short, Jr. Outlines Association
        Actions in Search for Equity
  • MFP Given New Grant; Dissertation Awards Made
  • ASA Projects Schedule Second Chair Workshop
  • New Teaching Resources Available at Annual Meeting
  • Sociologists Win Guggenheims
  • NEH Offers Year-Long Seminars for Teachers
  • Hospitality Suite for Teachers at 1979 Annual Meeting
  • Census Bureau Developing Workbook
  • Chautauqua Course Schedule Ready
  • Boston Meeting: Last Hurrah for Alice (on Alice Myers? Retirement)
  • Sheldon Stryker's NCSA Presidential Address: Identity Crisis in
        Sociology Calls for Common Vision of Relevance
  • Michael Schudsen, Gail Lapidus Named Rockefeller Fellows
  • Research Wanted on Immigration
  • Journalist-Sociologist (Richard Ofshe) Team Wins Pulitzer Prize
  • Support Solicited for Textbook Suite
  • Report of the Executive Officer: Russell Dynes Reviews Executive
        Office Activities and Restructuring
  • Problems of Discipline Grant Proposal Deadline
  • Minutes of March 10, 1979, meeting of 1979 Council
  • John and Ruth Useem Honored for Scholarship on International
  • Orville Brim, Jr. Receives Kurt Lewin Award
  • Social Science and Government: Supreme Court Rules Researchers Are
        Not Public Figures (Lawrence J. Rhoades)
  • Membership Renewal Incorporates Referendum Changes
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  • Council Approves Theory Annual, Constitutional Referendum
  • Social Science and Government: IRB Regulations Published by HEW
  • April 1980 Designated "Teaching of Sociology" Month by ASA
  • Candidates Announced
  • Helen Fein Wins Sorokin Award
  • Valerie Kincade Oppenheimer and Nancy Chodorow Win Jessie
        Bernard Award
  • Last Spivack Fellows Chosen
  • IRB Regulations: An Opposing View from Ithiel de Sola Pool
  • Minority Fellowship Program Announces Spivack Dissertation Awards
  • MFP Seeks 1980-81 Applicants
  • COFRAT: Evolution of Mission During First Decade
  • COFRAT Procedures for Investigating Cases
  • IPA Positions Available at Health Research Center
  • Supplementary Sessions at 1980 Annual Meeting
  • Obituaries: Fred Cottrell, Louis Schneider, Grace Duncan Hopper, Ruth
        Viola Reed
  • Deaths: David V. Glass, Hillquit Linch
  • Nominations Invited for ASR, CS, JHSB, and SOE Editorships
  • Proposals Wanted on Soviet Union, Eastern Europe
  • Maurice Falk Medical Lecture Series Seeking Sociologists
  • NSF Offers Fellowships
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  • Annual Meeting to Explore Frontiers of Social Inventions (William Foote
  • Minority Fellowship Program Receives Funds for Applied Fellowships
  • Social Science and Government: Study Reports Trouble Ahead for
        University Research (Lawrence J. Rhoades)
  • Open Forum: "Problems of Professional Nomads Need Attention" (J.
        Allen Whitt and Charles Derber)
  • Sociologists Win Fulbright Awards
  • Sociological Horoscope (periodic feature by Jackie Boles)
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • Obituaries: William Earle Cole, Allan W. Eister, Lawrence La Fave,
        Paul W. Massing
  • Minutes from June 15, 1979, meeting of 1979 Council
  • Sociologists Receive Honorable Mentions for Allport Prize
  • ASA Guidelines for Exercising Right to Petition
  • New Youth Survey Added to Longitudinal Labor Force Study
  • Charles Y. Glock Honored by B?nai B?rith
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  • First Common Wealth Awards Honor Robert K. Merton and Kingsley
  • Poster Sessions Scheduled for 1980 Annual Meeting
  • Candidates for ASA Offices, Council, Committees
  • Historical Series Commemorating ASA's 75th Anniversary Begins
  • Teaching Workshops Set for April 1980
  • SSRC/ACLS Grants to Sociologists for International Research
  • MFP Names 10 Research Fellows; Five More Fellows Receive PhDs
  • Second Research Skills Institute Set for UCLA
  • ASA Council Censures University of Vermont
  • Matilda Riley Heads Social Research at NIA
  • NSF Sociology Program Managers Offer Assistance to Colleagues
  • Nominations Invited for ASA Award for Distinguished Contribution to
  • Iner Nos (Russell Dynes on Paul Chalfant)
  • NSF Equipment Grants
  • Books Wanted for China
  • Efforts to Establish ASA Section on Racial and Cultural Minorities
  • Human Resources Workshop at Howard University
  • Argentinian Worker Wants Books to Continue Study
  • Obituaries: Alex Simirenko, Karen A. Laidlaw
  • Deaths: Myron (Mike) Lewis, Everett V. Stonequist, Elijah L. White,
        Ernest M. Banzet
  • Minutes of August 30, 1979, meeting of 1979 Council
  • Minutes of September 1, 1979, meeting of 1980 Council
  • Referendum: Proposed Changes in ASA Constitution, By-Laws
  • Council on Social Work Education Approves Programs
  • Letters to the Editor: "Sexism in Sociology" (Barrie Thorne, Lewis
        Coser, Joyce Ladner, Essie Manuel Rutledge, Pepper Schwartz, Gaye
        Tuchman); "Sociology and NIMH Training Programs" (for Social
        Science Fellowship Training Committee, William T. Liu and Roberta G.
  • Problems of Discipline Grants Support Collaborative Scholarship;
        Proposals Invited

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