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  • ASA's 75th Anniversary: Sociologists Form Separate, Independent
        Society (Lawrence J. Rhoades; first in a series on the history of ASA)
  • NCES Reports Unexpected Rise in College Enrollments
  • NSF Sociology Program 72 Grants in FY 1979
  • ASA Projects Invite Participation in Teaching Month Observance
  • Social Science and Government: Strategy Proposed for Preserving
        Research Excellence thru Year 2000 (Lawrence J. Rhoades)
  • Nominations Invited for DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award
  • Presidential Commission Calls for Languages and International Studies
  • Health Service System Research Program Started
  • NIE Seeks Proposals on School Organization; Nine Sociologists
  • Sociologists Named to Peace Commission
  • NEH Announces Summer Seminars for College Teachers
  • Chair Workshop Initiates Effort to Start Newsletter for Sociology
        Department Chairs
  • ASA Projects Revises Schedule for Teaching Workshops
  • Letters to the Editor: "Commends Comment on Nomads" (Helen J.
        Raschke); "Sociological Methodology Policies Outlined" (Samuel
        Leinhardt, SM Editor); "Graduate Student Comments on Faculty" 
        (Name withheld); "Is This Your Typical Day?" (Warren R. Paap, Bill
  • Proposed ASA Code of Ethics: Reactions Solicited
  • Obie Clayon, ASA Minority Fellow, Receives Best Graduate Student
        Paper Award
  • Sexual Biases in Sociological Research: Problems and Issues (prepared
        by the Committee on the Status of Women in Sociology)
  • Obituaries: Jerome Davis, Gino Gemani, John A. O'Donnell
  • Privacy Research Proposals Wanted
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

  • Green Arrow Footnotes
    February 1980 (Volume 8, Number 2)
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  • Council Actions Revamp Committee Structure for 1980
  • ASA's 75th Anniversary: Society Aids Creation of Social Science
  • Application Deadline Set for ASA Research Skills Development
  • ASA Considering Faculty Conference on Organizational Analysis
  • Six Mini-Workshops Scheduled for Teaching Sociology Month
  • Open Forum: "Language Courses Based on Social Science Content" 
        (Magoroh Maruyama)
  • Letters to the Editor: "Questions Access to Books in China" (Werner
        Cohn); "Openness Reported; Encourages Support" (response by
        Russell Dynes)
  • Problems of the Discipline Grants Produce Two Books; Another
  • Efforts Continue to Organize State Sociological Associations
  • Applications Invited for Indiana University Training Program in
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • Committee Reports
  • AKD Announces Officers
  • Population Reports Service Changes
  • ASA Committee Appointments
  • Scholars from Nine Countries Become Visiting Fulbright Scholars

  • Council Approves Tri-Partite Editorship for Theory Annual; Other
        Council Actions
  • Four Monographs Added to Rose Series in 1979
  • Open Nominations Candidates Announced
  • Plenary Sessions to Focus on Critical Institutions
  • ASA's 75th Anniversary: Society Grows in Size and Complexity in First
        25 Years
  • Open Forum: "Mauksch Urges Participation in April: Teaching Month" 
        (Hans O. Mauksch)
  • ASA Teaching Newsletter Seeks Subscribers
  • Graduate Students Win Fulbrights
  • Seventh Mini-Workshop Set for April
  • NSF Seeks Candidates for Associate Program Director in Sociology
  • Workshop on Developmental Transitions in the Lives of Women and
  • AAAS Committee Details Legal Protection for Whistle Blowing
  • NCSA Offers Employment Service
  • Guide to Graduate Departments Available
  • ASA May Offer Faculty Conference on Organizational Analysis
  • Federal Funding Level for Social/Behavioral Science Indicates Low
        National Priority
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • Obituaries: Austin L. Porterfield, Winifred Raushenbush
  • Editors' Reports
  • Candidate Biographies
  • Applications Invited for Research Workshop at Howard University
  • Nominations Invited for ASA Award for Career of Distinguished
  • ASA Diamond Anniversary Contest Quiz

  • Social Science and Government: Congress Urged to Support Basic
        Social Science Research
  • Thematic Sessions Announced for 1980 Annual Meeting
  • ASA's 75th Anniversary: Society Experienced Major Social Change in
        Turbulent 1930s
  • William D'Antonio to Edit Contemporary Sociology
  • ASA Meeting Serves as Classroom for Honors Course
  • Nominations Invited to ASA Teaching Award
  • Nominations Still Open for Editorships of JHSB, SOE
  • NSF Funding Cut; Workshop on Organizational Analysis Cancelled
  • Institute on Health and Health Care Slated
  • A Synopsis: Projections for the Profession in the 1980s (Doris Y.
  • Conference on Organizational Taxonomies
  • NIH Seeks Health Science Administrator
  • Minutes of January 19, 1980, meeting of 1980 Council
  • Section Reports
  • Nominations Invited for ASA Distinguished Scholarship Award
  • Guide Shjows Variety in Degree Grantors
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

  • Survey of ASA Members Scheduled for June
  • Council Launches Teaching Services Program; Other Council Actions
  • ASA Meeting Features Variety of Sessions
  • NIMH Awards 99 Grants to Sociologists in FY 1979
  • ASA?s 75th Anniversary: Currents of Change Flow Through Society as
        Second Quarter-Century Begins
  • Open Forum: "Applied Sociology Suggested as Best Generic Term" 
        (Alexander Boros)
  • Summer Programs Provide Opportunities for Development
  • Peter Burger, Randall Collins, Irving Zeitlin Named Editors for
        Sociological Theory
  • Publish-or-Perish Policy Hurting Scholarly Journals, Says Helen Hughes
        in ESS Presidential Address
  • The American Sociologist Invites Papers for Possible Special Issue on 
        "The ASA at 75"
  • ASA Reference Materials Available
  • A Summary: Sections and the Changing Structure of ASA (Doris
  • Event-History Data Workshop to be Held at Columbia University
  • Council Accepts Recommendations of COFRAT
  • Nominations Invited for ASA Elected and Appointed Positions
  • Bills Support Confidentiality of Data (Bradford H. Gray)
  • Annual Meeting Child Care. Room Sharing
  • Nominations Invited for Distinguished Scholarship Award
  • Task Group on Homosexuality Questionnaire
  • Council Resolution: Privacy Due Rape Victims
  • Countries Seek Sociology Fulbright Scholars
  • Auditor?s Report: December 31, 1979
  • Problems of Discipline Awards Four Grants; Deadline August 1
  • Chautauqua Short Courses
  • NIA Expands Social Research on Aging
  • NSF Sociology Directors Describe Program, Provide Data on Projects
  • Nancy Tuma, Mayer Zald Appointed to NSF Sociology Review Panel
  • Teachers Information Exchange Telephone Referral Service
  • NSF Minority Fellowships
  • ACE Study Says College Enrollments May Not Decline as Expected
  • Committee Reports
  • More 1979 Section Reports
  • Representative Reports
  • Office of Naval Research Interested in Organizational Socialization
  • Robert Merton First Sociologist to Win Talcott Parsons Prize
  • Prixmire to Pay Settlement in Golden Fleece Libel Suit
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)

  • Report of the President: Peter Rossi Expresses Concern about Diversity
        in Sociology
  • President Elect William Foote Whyte Aims 1981 Program at
        Reorientation of Research
  • Erving Goffman Elected ASA President; Joan Huber New Vice
  • ASA's 75th Anniversary: Major Organizational Steps Taken During
        Disruptive 1940s
  • William Form Named Interim Editor of ASR
  • Portrait of New ASA President: Bill Whyte: In Essence a Participant
  • Otto Larsen Directs Social Sciences at NSF
  • Leonard Gordon Calls for Consensus on Rules of Evidence
  • Research Data Not Available Through Freedom of Information Act
  • A Presidential Invitation to the Annual Meeting (Peter Rossi)
  • Sessions, Organizers Announced for 1981 Annual Meeting
  • Teaching Workshops Set for November
  • Teaching Sociology Month Attracts Nationwide Support
  • Submissions Invited to ASA Teaching Newsletter
  • New TRC Products
  • Max Weber: A Spy!
  • NIMH Office of Prevention
  • Harold L.Sheppard Advises President Carter on Aging
  • Site Options for Annual Meetings Outlined by Study Committee
  • Problems of Discipline Grant Proposals Invited
  • Clinical Sociology to Hold Presentations, Workshops in New York City
  • Harvard University Seeks Full Professor in Social Psychology
  • ASA Minority Fellowship Program: The First Seven Years (Paul
  • MFP Fellows, Spivack Awards Announced
  • Students Begin Graduate Training as NSF Fellows
  • Report of the Secretary: James F. Short, Jr., Cites Changes, Remaining
        Problems as Tenure Ends
  • Community Section Honors Helen and Robert Lynds
  • Departmental Alumni Night Scheduled
  • Report of the Executive Officer: Russell Dynes Outlines Association
  • Meeting on Indexing ASA Journals
  • NSF Program on Law and Social Sciences Invites Research Proposals
  • National Council Formed to Promote Languages, International Studies
  • Paul Freddolino Receives ASA Privacy Research Award, Funded by
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • University of California-San Francisco Seeks Director of Program in
        Human Development and Aging
  • Revised Code of Ethics; Discussion Set for Annual Meeting
  • NIJ Announces Research Program in Evaluation and Research Methods
  • Student Reception Set for Annual Meeting
  • Social Survey Data Ready
  • Proposals Wanted on Substance Abuse
  • Diamond Anniversary Quiz: Questions, Answers, Winner
  • Letters to the Editor: "Rosenthal Questions COFRAT Findings" (Steven
        J. Rosenthal); "Support Sociology in High Schools" (James L. Wood,
        Phillip T. Gay)
  • Sociologists Win Guggenheims
  • Sociologists Receive Public Service Residencies
  • NSF Program on Science in Developing Countries Established
  • NSF Advisory Council Seeks Innovative Research Proposals
  • Sociologists Awarded Marshall Fund Fellowships
  • Minutes of March 15, 1980, meeting of 1980 Council
  • ISI Expands Grants Program
  • Abt Associates to Offer Applied Statistics Workshops
  • SSS Presidential Address: Peter Rossi Cites Opportunities in Applied
        Social Research
  • Program Changes
  • Sociologists Given Lectures on Education
  • Harvard University Seeks Non-Tenure Appointees
  • Simirenko Apple: Tribute to a Colleague
  • Green Arrow Footnotes
    October 1980 (Volume 8, Number 7)
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  • Sheldon Stryker Named ASR Editor
  • New Theory Annual, Sociological Theory, Ready to Receive
  • New Products Available from Teaching Resources Center
  • Nominations Invited for Rose, SM, SPQ, TAS Editorships
  • ASA's 75th Anniversary: Society Prospers as Golden Era Gets
        Underway in Expansive 1950s
  • Open Forum: "Suggests Restructuring Criteria for Faculty Recruitment" 
        (Magoroh Maruyama)
  • Doris Wilkinson Moves to Howard University
  • Careers, Minorities and Women: Skills Assessment: Marketing Our
        Assets (Doris Wilkinson)
  • Attend ASA Research Skills Development Institute
  • Evaluation Research Society Establishes Job Bank
  • Nominations Invited for Jessie Bernard Award
  • Sociology in China: Its Restoration and Future Role
  • TAS Article on China
  • The China Connection in American Sociology: Scholarly and Personal
  • American Sociologists Assisting Restoration in China
  • Seeming an Indigenous Form (Martin Whyte and Burton Pasternak)
  • Journal, Social Sciences in China, Started
  • Learned Societies Urged to Support Humanities
  • Students Receive NSF Research Grants
  • NEH Offers Fellowships to Undergraduate Teachers
  • Ideas for Evaluating and Tesing Students Wanted for TRC Document
  • Undergraduate Section Invites Submissions for 1981 Program
  • James J. Zuiches and Paul Burstein Named NSF Sociology Program
  • Enrollment Started for Disability Insurance Plan
  • ASA Subcommittee on Certification Seeks Input
  • Marshall Sklare Named Director of Jewish Center at Brandeis
  • Proposals Invited on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
  • Obituaries: Read Bain, Henry D. McKay, Hae Young Lee, Robert H.
  • Deaths: Edward C. Jandy, William Jones, Carl F. Kraenzel
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • Sociologists Receive Fulbright Awards for Research and Teaching in 19
  • Inventory Clearance Sale on Rose Monographs

  • ASA Awards: Career of Distinguished Scholarship, Robert K. Merton;
        Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship, Peter M. Blau and Theda
        Skocpol; Contributions to Teaching, Everett K. Wilson; DuBois-
        Johnson-Frazier, Joseph S. Himes
  • Social Science Directorate Included in NSF Reorganization Plan
  • ASA's 75th Anniversary: Association Reaches Zenith in Tumultuous
  • Candidates for ASA President, Vice President
  • Careers, Minorities, Women: Evaluating Graduate Education in
        Sociology (Doris Wilkinson)
  • Minnesota Women's Center Project Explores Science and Technology
        Careers for Women
  • James Coleman, Otis Dudley Duncan Receive 1980 Common Wealth
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • Minority Fellowship Program Seeks 1981-82 Applicants
  • NSF Awards Applied Grants to Sociologists
  • Maurice Falk Medical Lecture Series Seeks Lecturers, Host Institutions
  • Reorganization Plan for LEAA
  • ASA Guidelines Cited for Exercising Right to Petition
  • Obituaries: David Street, Audrey Russell Jackson
  • Universities Using TRG Visits More than Colleges
  • Hans Mauksch Receives Undergraduate Education Section Award
  • Departments Given NSF Equipment Grants
  • Survey of Departments Conducted to Gather Information on Teaching
  • Green Arrow Footnotes
    December 1980 (Volume 8, Number 9)

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  • Committee on Nominations Completes Slate for 1981 Election
  • Freeman Outlines Major Issues Related to Applied Sociology (Howard
        E. Freeman)
  • Teaching Endowment Fund Receives Challenge Grants
  • ASA's 75th Anniversary: Association Enters Period of Consolidation
        and Transition in 1970s
  • Leonard Pearlin Named JHSB Editor; Maureen Hallinan to Edit SOE
  • Three Study Groups Receive Problems of Discipline Grants
  • Supply and Demand Data Wanted on Sociologists by ASA Committee
  • TAS Special Issue on "The ASA at 75" to be Published in February
  • Minutes of August 29, 1980, meeting of 1980 Council
  • Minutes of September 1, 1980, meeting of 1981 Council
  • TRC Issues Two-Volume Family Syllabi Set
  • Georgia Sociological Association Sponsors Teaching Workshops
  • Vita on Women Being Collected by ASA Committee on Status of
  • Nominations Invited for ASA Award for Distinguished Contribution to