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Green Arrow Footnotes
January 1986 (Volume 14, Number 1)
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  • Four New (Petition) Candidates File for ASA Presidency--Edgar
        Borgatta, Amitai Etzioni, Albert J. Reiss, Jr., and Neil J. Smelser
  • Enjoy New York on Fewer Dollars a Day (William Silverman)
  • 1986 Annual Meeting: Update from the President: Further Highlights of
        the Emerging Program (Matilda White Riley)
  • Observing: COSSA Annual Meeting (William D'Antonio)
  • ASA Launches New Effort in Professional Development (Carla
  • ASA Members Respond to ACLS Survey
  • Nominations Sought for ASA Awards
  • Salary Update: 1984-85 Figures for Academics
  • Materials Sought for ASA Liberal Arts Monograph
  • Two Conferences at Windspread Focus on Teaching: The Wingspread
        Conference on Teaching (Catherine White Berheide) and the National
        Conference on Higher Education (Theodore Wagenaar)
  • Open Forum: "Why Neofunctionalism: Two Responses to Page" 
        (Jeffrey C. Alexander and David Scuilli); "Looking Backward and
        Forward" (Claude C. Bowman)
  • 1986 Directory of Members Begins Production
  • Annual Meeting Space Available for Other Groups
  • Leo Goodman, Teresa Sullivan, Robert Gutman Win Major Awards
  • Teaching: "Professional Socialization Among Undergraduate Sociology
        Students" (Barbara R. Keating); "Taking Action for Undergraduate
        Student Participation" (Carla Howery)
  • Resources for Under- and Unemployed Sociologists
  • TRC Seeks Sociology of Religion Materials
  • Soviet-U.S. Exchanges Begin at 1985 ASA Annual Meeting
  • More Contributors
  • Five Teaching Services Program Workshops Coming in Spring
  • Minutes of August 31, 1985, meeting of ASA Council
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  • ASA Seeks New Professional Staff: Assistant Executive Officer for
        New Professional Development Program
  • No Petition Candidates for Council, Committees
  • 1986 Annual Meeting: Update from the President: Seminars, Courses,
        Workshops (Matilda White Riley)
  • ASF Launches Three-Year Endowment Campaign
  • Observing: Facing the Challenges (William D'Antonio)
  • Letter to the Editor: Vote for the Nominated ASA President Candidates
        (William J. Chambliss)
  • ASA Awards Near Deadlines
  • Tour Information for ISA Meetings in India
  • The New Budget Game: Welcome to Gramm-Rudman-Hollings
        (prepared by COSSA)
  • Members Respond to New Journals (ST and TS); More Libraries
  • Sociologists Active in HHS Task Force on Minority Health (Lionel
  • Katrina Johnson Serves as Task Force Director
  • NIA Awards Grants for Research
  • Members Invited to Apply for Annual Meeting Table Space
  • Ask ASA! (new column)
  • ASA, Other Sociology Organizations Work Together
  • Materials Sought for Teaching Social Ecology
  • Thanks to Contributors
  • Teaching: Microcomputers Aid Teaching Research Methods (Russell K.
  • ASA Committees and Representatives
  • Three Computer Workshops Offered in June
  • New Capstone Course at GWU
  • Teaching: A Computer Assisted Introductory Sociology Course (David
  • New Teaching Resources Available
  • Special Issue of Quarterly Journal of Ideology on Controversy in the
  • NSF Minority Research Initiative
  • Howard F. Taylor to Lead Study of Minority Students
  • Deaths: Minerva Etzioni (wife of Amitai Etzioni)
  • Obituaries: Leonard Clayton Kercher
  • Committee Reports
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  • Special Election Issue
  • New York: Public Spaces are Resting Places
  • The ASF Endowment Campaign: The Price of Commitment (William
  • The Minority Fellowship Program: A Successful Program at the
        Crossroads (Lionel Maldonado)
  • Observing: Council Adopts Balanced Budget for 1986 (William
  • 1985 Audit
  • Eight Problems of the Discipline Grants Awarded
  • 1986 Annual Meeting: Update from the President: Thematic and Plenary
        Sessions Take Shape (Matilda White Riley)
  • Council Creates Editor-Designate Position; Rose, SPQ Editors Sought
  • Feedback Sought on Guidelines for Parttime Faculty
  • Council Acts on Business Meeting Resolutions: Affirms Policy to South
  • Publications Committee Evaluates SOE; Finds Scope Could be
        Broadened Still Further (Bettina Huber)
  • Methodology Section Establishes Lazarsfeld Award
  • Sociology of Religion Submissions Sought
  • Candidates for ASA Offices, Council, Committees
  • Deaths: Joseph Ben-David, Alva Myrdal, Elliott M. Rudwick
  • Obituaries: Herbert H. Hyman
  • Committee Reports
  • Section Reports
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  • Profiles of New ASA Editors: William Form (ASR), Ida Harper
        Simpson (CS), Philip Wexler (SOE)
  • ASF Endowment Campaign Mounts Spring Telethon
  • PhD Certification Program to Begin (Bettina Huber)
  • 1987 Program Update: Theme is "Cross-National Research in
  • Observing: Social Science and the Federal Budget, FY87 (William
  • 1986 Annual Meeting: Update from the President: Regular Sessions,
        Roundtables, Tours, and More (Matilda White Riley)
  • Exploring Greenwich Village (Caroline Hodges Persell)
  • Hispanic Diversity in New York (Lloyd H. Rogler)
  • New Presidential Series Volume Available: James F. Short, Jr.'s The
        Social Fabric
  • NEH Acting Director John Agresto Advises Sociologists Seeking NEH
        Support (an interview by Carla Howery)
  • E. Pluribus Unum (Asoke Basu)
  • Polish, Czech, German Cooperation in Urban/Regional Sociology
  • FY87 Budget Report Available from COSSA
  • Open Forum: "Neofunctionalism: Long on Rhetoric, Short (As Yet) on
        Substance" (George Ritzer); "More on the Neofunctionalism Debate" 
        (R. Stephen Warner); "On Chambliss and Alternative Candidates" 
        (Kendrick S. Thompson)
  • Submissions Sought on Historical Sociology
  • A Place in Science: ASA Involvement in the AAAS
  • Job Clinic Again Annual Meeting Feature
  • ISA Update
  • Annual Meeting Travel Grants for Foreign Students
  • Teaching: Using Computers to Teach Sociology: A Departmental Survey
        (Ross Koppel, George Dowdall, Arthur Shostak)
  • Develop Greater Computer/Teaching Skills this Summer at ASA
  • Teaching: High School Sociology: A View from California (Dean Dorn)
  • Ethical Guidelines Covering the Publication Process (Barbara Reskin)
  • On the Difference Between Reviewing and Being Reviewed (Daniel E.
        Koshland, Jr., reprinted from Science)
  • Sociological Perspectives on Drunk Driving (Ellen Berg)
  • The ASA Journal Calendar
  • Good Ideas
  • Council Reaffirms Constraints on Self, Committees
  • Paulo Freire and William F. Whyte Discuss Practice and Teaching
  • Update on Alpha Kappa Delta (Jerry Michel)
  • Ask ASA
  • Students: Attend the Annual Meeting
  • Information on Competency Tests Sought
  • Computer Network Exchange
  • NIMH Reorganizes; New Division Created
  • Congressman George Willer Receives Award
  • Catastrophe Insurance Plan
  • Rosabeth Moss Kanter Joins Harvard Business School Faculty
  • Daniel Monti Receives Curators Publication Award
  • Philip McMichael Receives Allan Sharlin Memorial Award
  • William Chambliss Receives Criminal Justice Award
  • 1986 ASA Reference Materials Available at a Discount
  • Deaths: Waldo Wadsworth Burchard, H. Warren Dunham, Frank E.
        Hartung, Donald Marsh, Mary B. Treudley
  • Obituaries: Gladys Meyer, Elliott Rudwick, Arthur F. Wileden
  • Committee Reports, Section Reports, Representative Reports
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  • ASA Award Winners: Edward Shils, Career of Distinguished
        Scholarship; Sister Marie Augusta Neal, Distinguished Contribution to
        Teaching; Conrad Taeuber, Career Award for the Practice of Sociology
  • 1986 Annual Meeting: Update from the President: In Anticipation of the
        Annual Meeting (Matilda White Riley)
  • Annual SM to be Published by ASA (Bettina Huber)
  • Observing: Questions and Answers (William D'Antonio)
  • Jessie Bernard Award Open for Nominations
  • Barrie Thorne, 1986 Miller Lecturer, Available for Campus Visits
  • Minority Representation in U.S. Departments (Stephen Kulis, Karen A.
        Miller, Morris Axelrod, Leonard Gordon; first in a series)
  • Looking for Something To Do? Attend the 1986 Annual Meeting!
  • New York Offers Convention Attendees Fashion in Action (Ruth P.
  • ASA Hosts Congressional Seminar on Work and Family Policies
  • ASF Plans Fund-Raising Auction for Annual Meeting
  • Sociological Tours of the World
  • IIS Changes Schedule for Future Congresses
  • Topical Supplements Planned to the General Social Survey
  • New Culture, Emotions Sections
  • Faculty Exchange Center
  • TSP Sponsoring Workshop on Computers
  • Ad for Nancy Shaw Legal Defense Fund
  • Deaths: William H. Exum, Sarah Alice Mayfield Rice, Leila Rosen
  • Obituaries: H. Warren Dunham, Frank E. Hartung, Donald C. Marsh
  • Section Reports
  • Editors Reports
  • Special Pre-Publication Offer on SM86
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  • Election Results: Herbert J. Gans is ASA President Elect; Richard J. Hill
        Vice President Elect
  • Stephen A. Buff Joins ASA Staff
  • Members Respond to ASF Campaign
  • 1986 Annual Meeting: Update from the President: Program Highlights:
        Join Us in New York (Matilda White Riley)
  • A Snapshot Tour of New York
  • Sociologists in Business Organize Network
  • Media Plans Press Forward (Ruth Thaler and Carla Howery)
  • ASF to Hold Auction at Annual Meeting (Jay Demerath)
  • Secretary's Report: Today's ASA: Redefining Our Goals (Theodore
  • Executive Officer's Report: A Year of New Activities (William
  • Observing: ASA's 1985 Budget Audit: A Smaller than Expected Deficit
        (William D'Antonio)
  • 1985 Audit
  • Textook Donations Sought
  • Thank You ASA Contributors
  • Sociology Around the World (Carla Howery)
  • SWS/DCSS Make Donations
  • Open Forum: "Media Interest in a Sociology Course" (Jerry M. Lewis); 
        "Sociological Forces" (Donald L. Metz); "Poem" (Bob LaFleur)
  • NSF Graduate Fellowship Awards
  • Stanford Fellows
  • Letter to the Editor: Blind Voting (Harry Perlstadt)
  • Flourishing Exchanges Between Chinese and American Sociologists
        (Nan Lin)
  • The Prosperity of China: Celebrating the Seventh Anniversary of the
        Reestablishment of Chinese Sociology (Wang Kang)
  • The American Sociologist (TAS) Resumes Publication
  • Media and Sociology: Positive Press (Carla Howery)
  • NRC Funds Projects by Three Sociologists
  • 1987 Call for Papers: Sessions, Organizers Announced
  • Pre-Publication Offer on Cumulative Index of Sociology Journals
  • Culture Section Now Organizing
  • ASF T-Shirts
  • International Society of Political Psychology
  • New Section on Emotions
  • Deaths: Charles R. Lawrence, Edward Sagarin
  • Obituaries: William Henry Exum, Leila Rosen Young
  • Minutes of January 31, 1986, meeting of ASA Council
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    Green Arrow Footnotes
    October 1986 (Volume 14, Number 7)
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  • ASA Major Award Recipients: Edward A. Shils, Career of
        Distinguished Scholarship; Sister Marie Augusta Neal, Career of
        Distinguished Contributions to Teaching; Conrad Taeuber, Career of
        Distinguished Contributions to Practice of Sociology; Aldon Morris and
        Lenore Weitzman, Distinguished Scholarly Publications; James
        Blackwell, Dubois-Johnson-Franzier Award; John Clausen, Common
        Wealth Award
  • Major Addresses Focus on Aging, Sociological Lives (Ellen Berg)
  • Clausen Donates Half of Common Wealth Award Stipend to ASF
  • New Sections on Culture, Emotions Off to Good Start
  • Council Briefs
  • 1986 Annual Meeting: The Greatest Show on Earth (Ellen Berg)
  • Nominations Invited for Innovative Jensen Scholarship
  • Applications Invited for Problems of the Discipline Grants
  • Scenes from New York
  • A Celebration of Practice
  • 1987 Guide Listing Forms Mailed
  • MFP Announces New Fellows for 1986-87
  • MFP Fundraising Efforts and Contributions
  • Profile of the President: Melvin L. Kohn: Linking Social Structure and
        Personality (Glen H. Elder, Jr.)
  • Observing: Postlude to the 1986 Election (William D'Antonio)
  • TRC Seeks Submissions for Monograph on Branch Campuses
  • Teaching: Zero Base and Safety Valve: Procedures for Curriculum
        Revision (Charlotte Vaughan, Reece McGee)
  • New Venture at NSF: An Organizations Database
  • Theory Is the Key in Introductory Sociology at Vassar (Ellen Burg)
  • Open Forum: "The Black Family: Under Attack Again" (Joyce E.
        Williams); "Still More on Neofunctionalism" (Seth Knoepler); "Lest We
        Hope in Vain: On the First Anniversary of the U.S. Institute of Peace" 
        (Peter Nishiyama)
  • Peace Institute Announces Grant Procedures
  • Deaths: Kenneth Olsen, Robert Verbeck
  • Obituaries: Edward Sagarin, Mary Lees, Roger L. Riffer
  • Frederic Wakeman New SSRC President
  • Update on ST
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  • 1988 Annual Meeting Theme: Sociology in America (Herbert J. Gans)
  • 1988 Candidates for ASA President, Vice President
  • Sections Bestow Awards in New York
  • ASA/MFP Doctoral Fellowship Applications
  • Observing: Rethinking the Dues Structure (William D'Antonio)
  • Emotions Section Gets Off the Ground
  • Letter From the Editor: Apology for "ad hominem" statements about
        Talcott Parsons and Jeffrey Alexander (William D'Antonio)
  • Registry of Retired Sociologists Available
  • 1987 Program Update: More Sessions, Organizers
  • Order the Cumulative Index Now
  • Report of the IIS Congress
  • New TRC Products Debut at Annual Meeting
  • Louis Goodman Appointed Dean at American University
  • SM86 Now Available
  • ASA/Duke University Sponsor Jensen Award
  • Daniel Sullivan New President of Allegheny College
  • Life on the Applied/Clinical Side (Thomas J. Rice)
  • Update on Human Rights Cases (Carla Howery)
  • Rose and Lewis Coser Retire
  • Submissions Solicited for 1987 Teaching Resources
  • ASA Sponsors Seminars for Federal Employers (Bettina Huber)
  • Interactive Videodisc Technology as Revolution
  • 1986 Gerontology Fellows
  • Lois DeFleur Named Provost at University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Obituaries: Cesar Grana
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  • 1987 Annual Meeting Theme: "Cross National Research in Sociology" 
        (Melvin L. Kohn)
  • ASA Reaffirms Atlanta in 1988
  • Candidates Announced for 1987 Election (Council/Committees)
  • Observing: The Undergraduate Program in Sociology (William
  • Stalking the Undergraduate Credit Hour: Some Ideas and Tactics
        (Gerald Marwell)
  • TSP Field Coordinator: Report on the First Year (William Ewens)
  • Call for Rural Sociology Materials
  • From the Past President: Report on 1986: Integrative Impuses in the
        Discipline (Matilda White Riley)
  • "Lost" Authors: ASA Owes You Reprint Fees!
  • NAE/NRC Fellows
  • COSSA Acts as Catalyst for OMB Investigation
  • Sociologist Donald W. Light Writes for Scientific American
  • Subscribe to COSSA Washington Update
  • Update on Certification (Lionel Maldonado)
  • 1987 Regional Meeting Schedule
  • TRC Seeks Religion Submissions
  • ASA Contributors
  • Annual Meeting Media Papers Published
  • Researching the Church from Within (Carla Howery)
  • Sociological Perspectives on AIDS (Ellen Berg)
  • ASA/NSF/Census Research Program (Arnold Reznek)
  • Lewis Coser Appointed PBK Scholar
  • Teaching: Problems Foreign Students Face as Teaching Assistants
        (Akbar Mahdi, John Useem, William Ewens)
  • Attend Teaching Workshop on Establishing Research Centers
  • Open Forum: "An Unanticipated Retirement Obstacle" (George K.
        Floro); "The Practice and the Discipline: Why We Must Choose" 
        (Henry H. Brownstein)
  • NIMH Research Grants
  • Sociologists Win Guggenheim, NSF, ACLS Fellowships and Grants
  • New Beneficiary Survey from Social Security
  • The Greatest Books of Sociology (Delbert C. Miller)
  • Deaths: Marston McCluggage
  • Obituaries: Kenneth Marvin Olson, James A. Sartain

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