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Green Arrow Footnotes
January 1987 (Volume 15, Number 1)
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  • Andrew Greeley Makes $50,000 Challenge Grant to ASF
  • New Sections Established: Sociology of Emotions, Sociology of Culture
  • Joseph Gittler Bequest Funds Two Sociology Chairs at George Mason
  • Robert Merton Receives Honorary Degree from Oxford
  • Increasing the Effectiveness of the ASA Public Information Program
  • Nominations Sought for ASA Awards
  • Council Acts on Paul Cameron Case
  • Industrial Sociology: The Competitive Edge (Robert H. Guest)
  • Teaching Column: Problems Foreign Students Face as Teaching
        Assistants (Akbar Mahdi)
  • Teaching Services Program to Hold Workshop on Changing the
        Sociology Curriculum
  • National Science Foundation FY1986 Awards
  • Teaching Column: Grading Electronically (Nicholas Mullins)
  • Homelessness in Three Dimensions: Professors, Practitioners, and
        Politicians (Russell K. Schutt and Gerald R. Garrett)
  • Carnegie Corporation Appoints 24 Members to Council on Adolescent
  • Minority Representation in U.S. Departments of Sociology (Stephen
        Kulis, Karen A. Miller, Morris Axelrod, and Leonard Gordon)
  • Sociological Practitioners Get More Respect (George C. Zeller)
  • Open Forum: "Look to Literature" (Thomas J. Scheff)
  • Council on International Educational Exchange Honors John Useem and
        Ruth Hill Useem
  • Reflections on the ISA Meeting in New Delhi (Larry Suter)
  • Electronic Network Committee Plans New Service
  • Good Ideas
  • Obituaries: Nels Anderson, Joel Van Meter Berreman, Carol A.
        Fromme, Ronald Lippitt, Charles S. Perry
  • Minutes of September 2, 1986, meeting of 1985-86 ASA Council
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  • ASA Professional Development Program Shapes Up (Stephen A. Buff)
  • New Section on Sociology of Culture (Ellen Berg)
  • Observing: "Bits 'n Pieces" (William V. D'Antonio)
  • Teaching Services Program Sponsors Practice Workshop
  • Donald Pierson Honored by University of Bahia (Brazil)
  • Get Yourself Some Press Coverage (Carla B. Howery)
  • ASA Committees and Representatives
  • Open Forum: "A Response to Miller's "Great Books?" (Ellen Ziskind
        Berg); "Professional Dignity" (Michael A. Faia); "ASA and Politics" 
        (Seymour Yellin)
  • Law and Society Association Graduate Student Workshop
  • ASF Contributors
  • Sociologists and Big Science: Applied Sociology in Multidisciplinary
        Research (David Gottlieb)
  • Sociologists Receive 1986-87 Fulbright Grants
  • Robert M. Hauser Receives Lazarsfeld Award
  • ASA Award Nomination Reminders
  • NSF Seeks Applicants for Sociology Program Director
  • Teaching Column: Measuring Up to Writing Good Multiple Choice
        Tests (Carla B. Howery)
  • Deaths: Dick Haas, Robert T. LaPiere
  • Minutes from September 6, 1986, meeting of 1986-87 ASA Council
  • Section Reports
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  • ASA Establishes Practice Journal (Sociological Practice Review); First
        Editor South
  • ASF Pursues Second Hundred Thousand (Jay Demerath)
  • University of California Agrees to Settlement with Nancy Shaw
  • 1987 Annual Meeting: Ethnic Diversity Enlivens Chicago (William T.
  • Observing: Council Struggles to Balance 1987 Budget (William
  • Council Briefs
  • Teaching Services Program to Hold Workshop on Integrating
        Computers into the Curriculum
  • Feminist Theory: Moving Sociology from the "Malestream" (Ellen Berg)
  • Candidates for ASA Offices, Council, Committees
  • MFP Task Force Changes Direction, Marches On
  • Gary Becker Receives NIH MERIT Award
  • Teaching Sociology Holds Lottery for Student Subscriptions
  • Sociologists' AIDS Network Formed
  • ASA Contributors
  • AKD Elects New Officers
  • Deaths: Charles Flynn, Mrs. Paul Takagi
  • Obituaries: Richard T. LaPiere
  • Section Reports
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  • Career Expert (Richard Irish) to Conduct 1987 Annual Meeting Job
  • Seven Problems of the Discipline Grants Awarded
  • Nancy Shaw Awarded Tenure by University of California-Santa Cruz
  • Editor Sought for Sociological Practice Review
  • Observing: Meeting the Challenges (William D'Antonio)
  • Soviet Sociologist (Tatyana Zaslavskaya) Calls for Attention to Her
  • The Sixth Circle or "Dis Must be the Place" (Albert Hunter)
  • Richard Ofshe Wins Case Against Synanon (Lionel Maldonado)
  • Marge Clark and Ember Reichgott Bring Sociology to State Houses
        (Carla B. Howery)
  • June Competition for Problems of the Discipline Grants
  • Medical Sociology Section Graduate Internship Program in Applied
        Medical Sociology
  • Honors Program Accepting Applications for Annual Meeting
  • Available June 1987: Cumulative Index of Sociology Journals
  • COPAFS: Meeting the Challenges of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
  • TSP Field Coordinator Sought
  • Letters to the Editor: "Business as Usual" (Ralph L. Spencer); "A Letter
        from Another Publisher" (Franklin C. Graham; responding to Ted
  • TSP Workshop on Critical Thinking
  • Wolhlers Insurance Offers Daily Cash Benefits
  • Ellen Black Winston Honored by American Association of University
  • Open Forum: "More Greatest Books" (Claude C. Bowman); "Take
        Care in Labeling" (Robert M. Marsh; response to Kulis et al.)
  • Black-on-Black Crime: Old Wine, New Bottle (Bernard D. Headley)
  • TSP Workshop on Community-Based Learning
  • Norman Goodman Recognized for Teaching Excellence
  • Deaths: Alvin C. Dorse, Anne K. Peters, Peter New
  • Obituaries: Harry Jennings Crockett, Jr., Philip M. Marcus
  • Section Reports
  • Committee Reports
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  • Lois Lee Takes Back Children from the Night
  • ASF Endowment Campaign: A Rationale (Jay Demerath)
  • ASA Awards Announced: Wilbert E. Moore, Career of Distinguished
        Scholarship; William A. Gamson, Distinguished Contribution to
        Teaching; John W. Riley, Distinguished Career for the Practice of
  • Observing: Meeting the Challenge? (William D'Antonio)
  • Carla Howery and James Fremming Are Proud Parents of Kevin Carl
        Fremming, Born March 16
  • Committee Appointed to Review ASA Dues Structure
  • Panel Urges More Large NSF Awards
  • 1987 Annual Meeting: Chicago: Your Kind of Town (Robert F. Lovely)
  • Travel Grants for Students
  • Methods and Statistics Requirements for the MA Degree: Some Data
        from Sociology Departments (Bettina J. Huber; first in a series)
  • Black Sociologists at Washington State University: A Homecoming
        (Robert F. Meier)
  • SWS Presents Miller Lectureship to Barbara Reskin
  • James F. Short, Jr., Receives Washington State Excellence Award
  • William Darrow Reports on AIDS Among Prostitutes
  • Letter-Writing Campaign Helps Keep Yugoslav Sociologist Milan
        Nikolic Out of Jail
  • TSP Field Coordinator Sough
  • 1987 Annual Meeting Information
  • Open Forum: "On Paul Cameron" (Chester L. Hunt)
  • Obituaries: George Benello, Charles P. Flynn, Paul H. Jacobsen,
        Herbert Menzel
  • Committee Reports
  • Representative Reports
  • Editors' Reports
  • Top

  • Joan Huber Elected ASA President; Glen H. Elder, Jr., is Vice
  • Savoring the "Second City" (Chicago; Phil Nyden)
  • Teresa Sullivan New Editor of the Rose Monograph Series
  • Karen S. Cook New Editor of Social Psychology Quarterly
  • Executive Officer's Report: A Five-Year Review (William D'Antonio)
  • Observing: 1986 Audit: A Precarious Balance (William D'Antonio)
  • NSF Organizations Data Base Awards
  • Milton Yinger Honored at Oberlin
  • Sociologists Win Guggenheim Fellowships
  • James S. Coleman Receives Honorary Degree from University of
        Southern California
  • Gerontological Society of America Fellows Announced
  • Regional Societies Bestow Awards (SSS, NCSA, MSS)
  • William Julius Wilson Receives MacArthur Award
  • 1988 Call for Papers: ASA in Atlanta
  • Annual Review of Sociology: Stability and Change (W. Richard Scott)
  • Matida White Riley and Harold Wilensky Elected to AAAS
  • Frances Mullaney and Davida Weinberg Are Newcombe Fellows
  • NIMH Develops Guidelines for Research on Women's Mental Health
  • Ed Chasteen: Sociologist's Biking Odyssey
  • Update on ASA Press Activities
  • Students Win Teaching Sociology Subscription Lottery
  • Sociological Practice Association Annual Meeting
  • David Goslin to Leave National Research Council
  • The Social Sciences in the National Academy of Sciences
  • Clinton Jesser Runs in Peace Maraton
  • Dutch Sociologists to Attend ASA Annual Meeting
  • Deaths: Emory Kimbrough, Jr., Herman R. Lantz
  • Obituaries: Donald N. Barrett, Herbert Blumer, Ira H. Cisin, Alvin C.
        Dorse, Fredric Lee DuBow, Harry Fishman, John T. Gullahorn, Gunnar
        Myrdal, Anne K. Peters, Konstantin Symmons
  • Minutes from January 23, 1987, meeting of 1986-87 ASA Council
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  • ASA Awards Presented in Chicago: Sandra Harding and Judith Rollins,
        Jessie Bernard Award; William A. Gamson, Distinguished Contributions
        to Teaching Award; John W. Riley, Jr., Distinguished Career Award for
        the Practice of Sociology; Wilbert E. Moore, Career of Distinguished
  • MFP Invites Applications
  • Observing: Reflections on the ASA Annual Meeting (William
  • Council Briefs
  • Herb Gans: "How Do You Known That"? (Judith Blau)
  • MFP Announces New 1987-88 Fellows
  • Catastrophe Major Medical Plan
  • TRC Seeks Teaching Materials
  • Amitai Etzioni Awarded Professorship at Harvard Business School
  • Graduate Students Receive Spencer Dissertation Fellowships
  • Rural Sociological Society Presents Awards
  • Menno Boldt Receives Haultain Prize
  • David Garth Taylor Receives APSA Book Award
  • ASA/NSF Grant Deadline
  • Six Receive ASA/NSF Grants
  • New TRC Products Available
  • New Rose Monograph on Social Investment by Severyn Bruyn
  • Deaths: Donald R. Cressey, Frederick Fliegel, Hans Haferkamp, Uriel
  • Obituaries: Paul Duncan-Jones, Gilberto Freyre, Roger H. Jehenson,
        Emory Kimbrough, Jr., Herman R. Lantz
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  • Strengthening Sociology?s Position in the University (Joan Huber)
  • 1989 Annual Meeting Program Topics, Organizers Invited
  • MFP Invites Applications
  • Candidates for 1989 President-Elect, Vice President-Elect
  • Observing: Rethinking the Intellectual Challenge (William D'Antonio)
  • Sociologist-Journalist Sought for Clearinghouse
  • NIMH Increases Funding for Sociology
  • 1988 Annual Meeting Program Update: ASA in Atlanta
  • Sections Present 1987 Awards in Chicago
  • SSSI Annual Spring Symposium Held in Urbana
  • Soviet and U.S. Sociologists Work Together (Michael Swafford)
  • AKD Holds Statewide Initiation
  • Media Beat: Sociologist as Columnist (Gordon Clanton)
  • GSS Survey: An Update (Duane F. Alwin)
  • Obituaries: Margaret T. Cussler, Milla A. Alihan
  • Minutes from August 20, 1987, meeting of 1986-87 ASA Council
  • Minutes from August 22, 1987, meeting of 1987-88 ASA Council
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  • Candidates Announced for 1988 ASA Election
  • Updated Figures on Faculty Salaries (Bettina J. Huber)
  • MFP Invites Applications
  • Membership Benefits Packages Sent Bulk Rate
  • Two Vignettes of Academia in Latin America (Donald P. Irish)
  • On Sabbatical in Nicaragua (Joel P. Lazinger)
  • Aid Request from Nicaraguan Sociologists
  • SSA Auction to Benefit MFP
  • Books in Third World Countries
  • New ASA Section on Science, Knowledge, and Technology
  • Open Forum: "ASA and Politics, Left and Right" (Mark Iutcovich); 
        "More on Cameron" (Committee on Status of Homosexuals in
        Sociology); "Expansively "Doing" Sociology: Thoughts on the Limits and
        Linkages of Sociological Practice" (Norman L. Friedman)
  • ASA Department Services Program Begins
  • Sociology in China: A New Approach (Richard H. Hall)
  • Teaching Workshop Looks at Local Research Centers
  • Good Ideas
  • Study of "Natural Experiment in History" Completed
  • Ask ASA
  • National Institute on Aging Research Grants
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowships
  • National Institute on Mental Health Research Grants
  • National Research Council Minority Fellowships
  • SSRC/ACLS Grant Foreign Area Awards
  • 1987 National Science Foundation Awards
  • ASA Section on Microcomputers Considered
  • TSP Workshop on Integrating Computers into the Curriculum
  • ASA Contributors
  • 1988 Regional Meeting Schedule
  • Sociology in the Field: A Variety of Work Roles at U.S.DA (Lambert
        N. Wenner)
  • ASA/NSF/Census Research Program (Arnold Reznek)
  • ASA Award Deadlines
  • Deaths: Stuart Queen, Fred Roy Yoder
  • Obituaries: Donald R. Cressey, Gerard DeGre, Frederick Fliegel,
        Eugene M. Kleban
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