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  • Sorokin Lives! Centennial Observations (Barry V. Johnston)
  • NSF Seeks New Director of Division of Social and Economic Science
  • Departmental Services Program in Second Year
  • Observing: From Page Costs to Soviet Guests (William D'Antonio)
  • Inside 1722: ASA's Meetings and Marketing Manager-Jen Suter
  • Sex and Gender Section Honors Karen Hossfeld
  • Public Opinion and Reform in China (David S. Mason and Ken
  • American Nurses? Association Conducts Leadership Seminars for
        Women of Color
  • Update on Alpha Kappa Delta
  • Ohio State and Pennsylvania State Host Student Receptions in Atlanta
  • Open Forum: "More on Sociological Practice" (Christine Wright-Isak); 
        "Response to SOE Section Award" (James Coleman)
  • Will and Dorothy Lissner Retire from American Journal of Economics
        and Sociology
  • Ask ASA
  • Teaching: A Proposal for Enhancing Anticipatory Socialization to
        Graduate School (Robert L. Hummel and Gary S. Foster)
  • Issues Debated at World-System Conference on "War and Revolution" 
        (Terry Boswell and Frank Lechner)
  • Honors Program Continues to Shine
  • Facilitating Data Sharing (Josefina J. Card)
  • Deaths: Joel Cantor
  • Obituaries: Robert E. Corley, David L. Dodge, Milton Rokeach,
        Muzafer Sherif
  • Section Reports
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  • 1989 Annual Meeting: What Ever Happened to the Haight-Asbury?
        (Sherri Cavan)
  • Sociology and the Humanities Closing the Gap (Joseph R. Gusfield)
  • No Petition Candidates for ASA Election
  • 1989 Annual Meeting: Plenaries and Thematics
  • Increasing the Pool of Reviewers for ASA Journals
  • Thanks to ASA Members Responding to Survey
  • Long-Term Care Group Insurance Available
  • Plagiarism Case Documented (Foon plagiarized Wilson)
  • Association for the Sociology of Religion Turns 50
  • ASA Panel on Federal Employment
  • Mary Fennell New JHSB Editor
  • Chairs of Graduate Departments: Where Do They Come From?
        (Thomas Van Valey and Kathleen A. Tiemann)
  • ISA Competition for Young Sociologists
  • Stephen J. Morewitz Founds Litigation Firm
  • NIAAA Funds Sociologists, Seeks Proposals on Alcohol and AIDS
  • ASA Holds Workshop on Teaching About the Sociology of Family
  • What Do Our Introductory Sociology Students Know? (Richard F.
  • Teaching: Teaching, Internships, and Employment: An Opportunity for
        Humane Social Change (Richard Salem and Charles S. Green III)
  • ASA Holds Writing Skills Workshop
  • Rich Survey Data Available from ICPSR
  • Open Forum: "A Request for Clarification" (on the Levi Kamel story;
        Thomas Ford Hoult); "The High Cost of Meeting" (Julie M. Gricar and
        Erich Hirsch); "Activity in the Park Service" (William H. Key)
  • Jonathan R. Cole Named New Provost at Columbia University
  • Section Reports
  • Deaths: Ozzie G. Simmons, Donald Campion, Ann Davis
  • Obituaries: David B. Carpenter, Morriz Janowitz, Walter Cade
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    Green Arrow Footnotes
    March 1989 (Volume 17, Number 3)
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  • 1989 Annual Meeting: Tenderloin Mosaic (Sherri Cavan)
  • Examination for ASA Certification at the MA Level Available at 1989
        Annual Meeting (Herbert L. Costner)
  • Observing: Reviewing the ASA Budget (William D'Antonio)
  • ASA Council Adopts Revised Code of Ethics (Barbara Walters Altizer)
  • SWS Names Maxine Baca Zinn 1989 Miller Lecturer
  • Candidates for ASA President, Vice President
  • Online Searches as a Data Source (Michael A. Faia)
  • NSF Sociology Program: New Initiatives, Cautious Optimism (about
        Robert Althauser and Phyllis Moen; by Carla B. Howery)
  • Section on Sociology of Education Needs Teaching Ideas for
        Curriculum Guide
  • Open Forum: "A Call to Read the Original Sorokin and Sumner" (Alfred
        McClung Lee; "On the Confusion of Social Justice and Social Reality" 
        (Reece McGee); "The Possibility of a Rational Discourse in Sociology?" 
        (Pierre L. van den Berghe); "Overcoming Gender Bias" (Graves E.
        Enck and James D. Preston); "Investigating Equality of Opportunity in
        Ulster" (Robert L. Miller); "Asking the Right Questions" (Monica B.
        Morris); "Complexity of an American's Experience in South Africa"
        (Michael J. Pravetz); "Response to Pravetz" (David O. Friedrichs)
  • AIDS, Gay Men, and Their (Invisible) Sociology (Stephen O. Murray)
  • More ASA Contributors
  • ASA/NSF Small Grant Awards
  • NSF Seeks Information on How NSF Grants Contributed to Non-
        Academic Activities (Roberta Balstad Miller)
  • Obituaries: Jess M. Carrillo, Anne E. Davis, Ozzie G. Simmons
  • Committee Reports
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  • 1989 Annual Meeting: The Castro in Transition (Kay Tiblier)
  • Alice S. Rossi Wins Common Wealth Award
  • Inside the ASA Budget: The Annual Meeting (Janet L. Astner)
  • Observing: Bits 'n Pieces (William D'Antonio)
  • Sociologists Working in Israel: "Building Sociology and a New State:
        Sociologists at Work in Israel" (Shulamit Reinharz); "Inside the
        Peacekeeping Forces" (David R. Segal); "Organizational Consulting in
        Israel" (Bruce Alan Phillips)
  • Deaths: John F. Cuber
  • Obituaries: Marie Ann Bandl
  • Committee Reports
  • Representative Reports
  • Editors' Reports
  • Minutes from the January 26, 1989, meeting of the 1988-89 ASA
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  • 1989 Annual Meeting: Berkeley: Updating the Image(s) (E. Barbara
  • Robert Dentler New Editor of SPR
  • ASA Award Winners Announced
  • Clifford Clogg Editor of JASA
  • Observing: International Linkages and Jobs at Home (William
  • David Featherman is New SSRC President
  • Linda Aiken Wins Sociological Practice Section Award
  • Participate in the POD Grant Program (Richard H. Hall)
  • Washington University Department of Sociology to Close
  • AAC project on the Sociology Major
  • Is There a Future for the ASA Child Care Program? (Jen L. Suter)
  • Richard Irish to Conduct Annual Meeting Job Clinic
  • Good Ideas
  • Enjoy a Laugh with SWS
  • ASA in San Francisco: All About the 1989 Annual Meeting
  • Open Forum: "Humanities and Social Sciences Link to Inform Policy" 
        (Robert P. Wolensky); "Which Came First?" (Richard F. Tomasson); 
        "Cultural Literacy, Indeed?!" (Naomi Rosenthal); "A Response to
        Coleman" (John C. Leggett); "Coleman Was Right" (Chester L. Hunt); 
        "More on Coleman" (Alfred McClung Lee)
  • Inside the ASA Budget: Minority Fellowship Program (Lionel
  • Deaths: Arthur Seeger, Robert Clay, Robert W. Hodge
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  • Stanley Lieberson Elected ASA President; Barbara Reskin is Vice
  • 1989 Annual Meeting: Art, Food, and Politics in the City by the Bay
        (Sherri Cavan)
  • Common Wealth Award: Alice Rossi on Love and Work
  • Executive Officer's Report: Sociology on the Move (William D'Antonio)
  • 1989 Audit: ASA Budget Shows Small Surplus
  • Inside 1722: Sharon Gray - ASA's Institutional Memory
  • Late Breaking News About the 1989 Annual Meeting, including "The
        Accessibility of ASA Meetings: A Progress Report to the Membership" 
        (R. Greg Emerton, Chair, ASA Committee on Society and Persons with
  • Media Beat: David and Goliath in Media Relations (Carla B. Howery)
  • Federal Job Description Available
  • SWS Enbraces Unity and Diversity (Carla B. Howery)
  • Give an ASA Gift Membership
  • ASA Goes Electronic: ASA's New Fax Number and Bitnet Address
  • Adeline Levine Receives Honorary Degree from Beaver College
  • Deaths: George C. Homans, G.W. Levi Kamel, Richard Troiden
  • Obituaries: John F. Cuber, Robert W. Hodge, Alfred W. Jones,
        Magdalena Sokolowska, Frederic W. Terrien, Helmut R. Wagner
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  • Future Organizational Trends of the ASA (a report of the ASA Ad Hoc
        Committee on ASA Future Organizational Trends)
  • 1990 Call for Papers: Regular Session Topics and Organizers for 1990
        Annual Meeting
  • Washington University's Sociology Department: An Update
  • NSF Fellowships Valuable to Scholars and Institutions (Edward
  • Urgent Need for Sociology Departments to Encourage NSF Graduate
        and Minority Fellowship Applications
  • NSF Celebrates 25,000th Fellowship (Robert Althauser)
  • Teaching Workshop on Teaching About Substance Abuse and
        Prevention Efforts
  • Engineers Confer with Sociologists on Technological Change
  • Plagiarism Discovered; ASA Takes Action (by Stephen A. Buff; about
        Jerri Husch's dissertation being plagiarized in Mellen Press?s book by
        Stephen H. Barnes)
  • COPAFS: Confronting the Challenges (Katherine Wallman)
  • NRC Committee Releases AIDS Report
  • Revised Code of Ethics Applies to All Sociologists? Work Settings
        (Ruth L. Love)
  • American Sociological Foundation: Doing Well and Doing Good (James
        F. Short)
  • Durkheim Studies Moves to Illinois
  • Doris Wilkinson's Odyssey Back In Time (Susan Frensilli)
  • Shmuel N. Eisenstadt Receives 1988 Balzan Prize
  • Section Reports
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    Green Arrow Footnotes
    October 1989 (Volume 17, Number 8)
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  • Major ASA Awards Given in San Francisco: Jessie Bernard, Award for
        a Career of Distinguished Scholarship; David L. Sills, Award for a
        Distinguished Career in the Practice of Sociology; James A. Davis,
        Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award; Charles Tilly, Award
        for a Distinguished Scholarly Publication; Samuel Cohn and Joan
        Robinson Acker, Jessie Bernard Award
  • Gerald Marwell to Edit ASR
  • Observing: Reflections on the 1989 Annual Meeting in San Francisco
        (William D'Antonio)
  • William D'Antonio to Retire; Search for New Executive Officer Begun
  • Eight Receive ASA/NSF Small Grant Awards; New Proposals Due
  • Annual Review Discount Increased
  • Profile of the President: William Julius Wilson: A Bold and Sober
        Intellect (Katherine O'Sullivan See)
  • Section Award Winners Honored at 1989 Annual Meeting
  • 1990 Guide Listings Due
  • Dues Renewals in the Mail
  • President's Report: Events of the Passing Year in Retrospect (Joan
  • Honors Program Joins ASA; Seeks Director for 1990
  • IIS-ISA and Oaths Opposing Apartheid: "On Promoting Open
        Exchange of Scholarly Work" (Edgar F. Borgatta); "Apartheid in
        Focus" (Else Oyen); "A View on ISA and World Politics" (Margaret
        Archer); "Rejoinder" (Edgar Borgatta)
  • Deaths: Stefann Nowak, Hugh Anderson Johnson, Priscilla Kiehnle
  • Obituaries: Albert E. Chabot, Douglas Ensminger, Harold Finestone,
        Mark Lefton, John E. Owen, Edgar Tristam Thompson, Richard R.
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  • MFP Initiates Undergraduate Component
  • Alan Sica to Edit Sociological Theory
  • Dean Dorn to Edit Teaching Sociology
  • Candidates for ASA President and Vice President
  • Observing: Positive News in Sociology (William D'Antonio)
  • Inside 1722: "Dr. D'Antonio's Office" - Juanita Hampton
  • ASA Area Representatives and Coordinators
  • ASA Now has TDD Machine
  • The Rebuilding of Sociology in the Soviet Union: "Soviet Sociology
        Today: Possibilities for Cooperation" (Louise Shelley); "Lecturing in the
        U.S.S.R." (Harvey Molotch); "The Face, and Pace, of Change in the
        Soviet Union" (Michael Swafford)
  • Travel Awards for 1990 ISA Meeting
  • More Section Award Winners from Annual Meeting
  • ASA Teaching Services Program: New Products, Workshops,
        Submissions Sought
  • ASA Contributors
  • Ask ASA
  • Sociologists Honored with Awards: Richard Tessler and Bernice
        Pescosolido Receive NIMH Awards; Vern Bengtson Receives MERIT
        Award; Jacqueline Wiseman Receives SSSI Award
  • 1990 Annual Meeting: Update on Program Sessions; Space for Other
  • Suggestions Solicited for 1991 Annual Meeting Program
  • Coming in 1990: Sociological Practice Review
  • Subcommission on Women in East Germany, U.S.
  • Deaths: Wolfram Eberhard, Stanley Grupp, Robert Laufer
  • Obituaries: Hanan C. Selvin
  • Minutes from the August 12, 1989, meeting of 1988-89 ASA Council
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    Green Arrow Footnotes
    December 1989 (Volume 17, Number 10) 

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  • Candidates Announced for 1990 Elections
  • ASA Successful in Pursuing Plagiarism Case (on Husch/Mellen)
  • White House Science Advisor (D. Allan Bromley) "Speaks" to COSSA
  • Observing: Advocacy for a Diverse Clientele (William D'Antonio)
  • Inside 1722: "Sections Are Where It's At" - Caroline Bugno
  • New Organization for Chairs of PhD Departments
  • Sociologists Receive Awards: Joseph Kasof Wins ASA Social
        Psychology Section Award; Thelma McCormack Receives Honorary
        Degree from Mount Saint Vincent University; H. Laurence Ross Wins
        Widmark Prize; Paul Dimaggio, Gary Hamilton, and Theda Skocpol
        Win Guggenheims; Gary Marx to Give Jensen Lecturer
  • ASA Staff Attend Other Meetings
  • Summer School and Sociological Theory: Dead Head Sociology and
        Canoeing Toward Utopia (Carla B. Howery)
  • Sociologists Keep Pressure on Washington University Administration
  • Short Takes
  • MFP Announces 1989-90 Fellows
  • Update on MFP Funding
  • The Evaluation of Sociology Journals by Political Scientists (David
        Jacobs); journal rankings
  • 1990 Regional Meeting Schedule
  • Open Forum: "More on Sociology in Israel" (Stanley Cohen); "A View
        on Arab Palestine" (Hassan Elnajjar)
  • Who Are You Going to Call? TRG! (Teaching Resources Group)
  • Deaths: Robert David
  • Obituaries: Wayman J. (Bud) Crow, Wolfram Everhard, Robert S.
        Laufer, Forrest E. LaViolette, Stefan Nowak, George Simpson, Priscilla
        Kiehnle Warner
  • Minutes of August 13, 1989, meeting of 1989-90 ASA Council
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