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  • 1993 Annual Meeting: "Miami: Postmodern from Birth"
  • Spivack Program Sponsors Work-Family Linkages Briefing (Paula
  • Panel Releases Report on Future of the National Science Foundation
  • The Open Window: The Children Are Our Future (Felice J. Levine)
  • National Research Council Panel Looks at Understanding and
        Preventing Violence
  • Update on San Diego State Defense Fund
  • Students get the "MOST" Out of Summer at Michigan (Silvia Pedraza)
  • Teaching: How Sociologists Are Grappling with Outcome Assessment: 
        "Figuring Out the Assessment Landscape" (Mike Otten); "A Tale of
        Assessment" (Ardyth Stimson); "Assessment From the Beginning: A
        Case Study" (James A. Reynolds, Ronald A. Stevens)
  • Sociologists Participate in Focus Group Training (Janet Mancini Billson)
  • Working Group Conference on Feminist Organizations
  • Jonathan Turner New Editor of Sociological Perspectives
  • Open Forum: "Revisiting History: Hughes and Lee" (Irwin Deutscher); 
        "A Department Under Threat?" (Peter V. Marsden); "Sociology at
        Harvard: Toward a Paradigm Shift" (Jack Nusan Porter); "Looking
        Forward to Miami" (Barry Wellman)
  • Clusters (Robert R. Montgomery)
  • Alleviating Professional Immobility in Sociology: Faculty Exchange as a
        Remedy (Richard M. Coughlin)
  • Writing Tips: Noun Strings (Karen Feinberg)
  • International News and Notes: UNESCO's (United Nations Educational,
        Scientific and Cultural Organization) Inter-Governmental
        Social Science Program (Ali Kazancigil); An Open Letter from the
        Institute of Socio-political Research, Russian Academy of Sciences
        (Gennadi Osipov); Higher Education, Feminist Style (Janet Mancini
  • Deaths: Jacob G. Franz, James W. Longest
  • Obituaries: Charles M. Grigg, Gordon Shipman, Charles B. Spaulding
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  • 1993 Annual Meeting: The Long Shadow of Hurricane Andrew
  • Search for New Sociological Theory Editor Continues
  • March 15 Deadline: 1993 Congressional Fellowship
  • The Open Window: ASA Resolution on Gays in the Military (Felice J.
  • Florence Bonner Interim ASA Minority Affairs Program Director
  • Roberta Balstad Miller Leaves National Science Foundation for
        Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network
  • Applications Invited for National Science Foundation Social Science
  • ASA Seeks New Staff: Staff Sociologist/ Director of Minority Affairs
  • Focus on Departments: A Discipline in Trouble: Why More Sociology
        Departments May be Closing Shortly (David M. Lynch, J. Richard
        McFerron, Lee H. Bowker, Ian A.C. Beckford)
  • The "Lost Generation" of Sociologists (Thomas A. Lyson, Gregory D.
  • Conferences Held on Issues of Sexual Harassment: "Sociologists
        Against Sexual Harassment" (Kristen Dowling); "A Two for One Media
        Opportunity: Scientists" Institute for Public Information and ASA?
        (Wendy Hanson); "Second International Conference on Campus Sexual
        Assault" (Kristen Dowling)
  • Open Forum: "Are There Floor Scores?" (Janet Saltzman Chafetz); 
        "Graduate Record Examination Issues to Consider" (Ross M.
        Stolzenberg); "Throw Out the Graduate Record Examinations" Whoa!?
        (Sheldon G. Levy); "Use Graduate Record Examinations
        Appropriately" (Robert M. Hauser)
  • Input Sought for Code of Ethics Revision
  • International News and Notes: Parochial Content Reported in U.S.
        Undergraduate Sociology (J. Michael Armer)
  • Caroline Hodges Persell Named as First Williams Lecturer by Eastern
        Sociological Society
  • University of California-Berkeley Establishes Fellowship in Honor of
        Reinhard Bendix
  • Deaths: Selden D. Bacon, David Caplovitz
  • Obituaries: Frances Robbins Allen, James H. Barnett, William M.
        Phillips, Jr.
  • Official Reports and Proceedings: Section Annual Reports
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  • ASA Sponsors Media Briefing on Family/Medical Leave Act
  • 1993 Annual Meeting: "Cuban Miami: No Passport Required"
  • Petition Candidates Added to Ballot for ASA Elections
  • The Open Window: ASA Meets With California State University
        System Sociology Department Chairs (Felice J. Levine)
  • Council Briefs (Carla B. Howery)
  • SSAs (State Sociological Association): A Strategic Link in Sociology's
        Future (Marlynn L. May)
  • State Societies Are Important Partners (Carla B. Howery)
  • Focus on Departments: How Our Department's Enrollment Grew by
        Over 400% in Three Years! (Henry W. Fischer III)
  • Award Named for Professor Rozanne Brooks
  • Candidates for ASA President, Vice President: Amitai Etzioni, Neil
        Joseph Smelser, Mayer N. Zald (President-Elect); Karen S. Cook,
        Richard (Dick) Scott (Vice President-Elect)
  • San Diego State University Update: Contracts and Tenure (Charles F.
  • Professional Socialization and ASA Membership (Roberta Lessor)
  • Steamship Quanza (Kristen Dowling)
  • Can We Do Research Differently? A New Institute Says Yes
  • Unconventional Medicine at the National Institute of Health
  • Deaths: Rebecca A. Donovan, Leonard H. Jordan, Jr., Roberta
  • Obituaries: Selden D. Bacon, Howard Freeman, M. Patricia Golden,
        J.W. Longest, Arthur Raymond Mangus, Helen Tibbitts
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  • 1993 Annual Meeting: "Miami: More Than Just a Pretty Face"
  • Social Impact Assessment Workshop to Precede Annual Meeting (Janet
        Mancini Billson)
  • ASA Congressional Fellowship Update (Catherine White Berheide)
  • The Open Window: MOST: A Pipeline to Diversity in Sociology (Felice
        J. Levine)
  • ASA Plans Briefing on AIDS
  • Seven ASA/NSF (National Science Foundation) Grants Awarded
  • International News and Notes: Uzbek Center for Sociological Research:
        Student Opportunties (Janet Mancini Billson)
  • Walter L. Goldfrank Receives Grant to Study Chile's Fruit Export
  • Submissions Sought: ASA/NSF Small Grant Program
  • Award-Winning Sociologists: Microcomputing Section Award (Robert
        Leik); Jean A. Dowdall President Elect of Simmons College
  • Open Forum: "Are Our Troubles Unavoidable or Have We Brought
        Them on Ourselves" (Gerhard Lenski); "More on the Harvard Debate" 
        (Bradley J. Buchner); "Parson's Real Moral?" (Gaye Tuchman); The
        Census and Apportionment: An Update? (Pat Feeney)
  • Teaching: Sociologists Become More Involved with Outcome
        Assessment (Carla B. Howery)
  • Students Satisfied with Sociology BA as a Liberal Arts Degree (Steven
        E. Barkan)
  • Mammoth Discovery Becomes Innovative Teaching Tool
  • ASA Officers, Council, and Committee Members
  • Deaths: Ralph G. Hurlin, Leo Lowenthal, Sophia Fagin McDowell
  • Obituaries: Ely Chertok, Fred Davis
  • Official Reports and Proceedings: Minutes of the second meeting of the
        1992-93 Council (January 22, 1993)
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  • 1993 Annual Meeting: "Black Miami: Searching for a Voice"
  • Paula England to Edit American Sociological Review
  • Peter Cookson is Selected ASA's New Congressional Fellow
  • Winners of Major ASA Awards: Joan R. Acker, Career of
        Distinguished Scholarship Award; Jack Goldstone for Revolution and
        Rebellion in the Early Modern World, Distinguished Publication Award;
        Grace M. Barnes, Distinguished Career Award for the Practice of
        Sociology; Bonnie Thornton Dill, Elizabeth Higginbotham, and Lynn
        Weber, Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award; Patricia Hill
        Collins, Bonnie Thornton Dill, Elizabeth Higginbotham, Lynn Weber,
        and Dorothy E. Smith, Jessie Bernard Award
  • The Open Window: ASA Files Amicus Brief Protecting Confidential
        Research Information (Felice J. Levine)
  • ASA Addresses Miami Boycott: Special Plenary on African American
        Employment in Miami
  • Join in the 1993 Annual Meeting in Miami Beach
  • Regional Campuses and Regional Scholars
  • Partnering Departments: Building Identity Among Graduate Students
        (Janet Mancini Billson)
  • Sociology and Real Estate: A Rewarding Combination (Rachelle
  • Michael T. Aiken New Univesity of Illinois Chancellor
  • Open Forum: Responses to the "Lost Generation" and "A Discipline in
        Trouble": "Looking for the "Lost Generation" in All the Wrong Places" 
        (Ross Koppel); "Just How Lost Are We?" (Felica B. Le Clare); "Call
        for Rigor" (Pauline E. Council); "Introductory Sociology and a
        Revitalized Discipline" (Ted G. Goertzel); "Publishers Assault Quality
        Education in Campaign to Control Photocopy Coursepacks" (John
        Lofland); "The State Level Picture" (Alan Hill); "GRE Scores and
        Graduate School Success: A Response to the Commentaries" (James L.
        Wood, Amy C. Wong)
  • International News and Notes: The Road to Bucharest: Science in
        Transition in Post-Socialist Eastern Europe (Henry Etzkowitz);
        Sociologists Teaching in Eastern Europe: "Frustration and Inspiration" 
        (Dennis Layton)
  • Inside 1722: Win-Win: When Interns Become Employees
  • Three Centers Focus on Family and Gender Issues: A New and
        Distinguished Life Course Institute; Brandeis' Family and Children's
        Policy Center; Center on Population, Gender, and Social Inequality
        (Rachelle L. Cummins)
  • State Licensing Program Welcomes New Monitors (Wendy Hanson)
  • ASA Small Grants Program: Conference on the Meaning and
        Measurement of Gender
  • Writing Tips: Active and Passive Verbs (Karen Feinberg)
  • Interdisciplinary Working Group on Homicide Research
  • Latest News from the Federal Network (Wendy Hanson)
  • Bum Raps: Daydreams of a Weary Conferencer (Barry Wellman)
  • Deaths: Brewton Berry, Kenneth Boulding, Joseph R. DeMartini, Martin
        P. Levine
  • Obituaries: Sidney H. Aronson, Jann Adel Ackert Azumi, August F.
        Beatke, Blanche Greer, Ralph G. Hurlin, Olga Scarpetta
  • Official Reports and Proceedings: Editors' Reports, Committee Reports,
        Representative Reports
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  • Amitai Etzioni Elected ASA President; Karen S. Cook is Vice President
  • Ramom Torrecilha to Lead ASA Minority Affairs Program
  • The Open Window: Sociology Graduate Student Jailed; Scholars?
        Privilege Under Attack (Felice J. Levine)
  • Spivack Program Sponsors AIDS Briefing, Violence Workshop
  • Inside 1722: Mitch Edelstein Directs ASA Administration and Finance
  • Funding Opportunities Day is August 14
  • Boycott of Miami Settled with Gains for African-American Community
        (Carla B. Howery)
  • National Science Foundation's Sociology Program Encourages
        Submission of Grant Proposals (William Sims Bainbridge, Martin K.
  • Ronald J. Angel to Edit Journal of Health and Social Behavior (Norval
        D. Glenn)
  • ASA Congressional Fellows: Peter Cookson Begins Congressional
        Fellowship on Education Issues; Catherine White Berheide on the ASA
        Congressional Fellowship (Catherine White Berheide)
  • Sociologists Testify in Congress: William Julius Wilson Lobbies for
        National Science Foundation Funding for the Social, Behavioral and
        Economic Sciences Directorate (SBE); Felice J. Levine Argues for
        Research Resources at Office of Justice Programs (OJP) of the
        Department of Justice
  • Deaths: Judith Blake
  • Obituaries: Brewton Berry, Tom Bottomore, David Caplovitz, Joe
        DeMartini, Roberta G. Simmons, Orry C. Walz
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  • ASA Award Winners Reflect Broad Spectrum of Sociology
  • Richard Scarce Remains Jailed; ASA Council Advocates for
        Researcher's Privilege
  • Suggestions Solicited for 1995 Annual Meeting Program: Theme: 
        "Community of Communities: Shaping Our Future"
  • The Open Window: ASA Works in Coalition to Advance Social and
        Behavioral Sciences at the National Institute of Health (Felice J. Levine)
  • 1993 Annual Meeting: We Made It to Miami! A Great Meeting and a
        Beach Too!
  • Profile of the President: William A. Gamson: The Benefits of Serious
        Play (Meyer N. Zald)
  • 1994 Annual Meeting: Theme: The Challenge of Democratic
  • ASA/National Science Foundation Small Grant Program - Apply by
        December 10
  • ASA Section Awards Presented in Miami
  • Open Forum: A Discipline in Trouble? Three Responses to Lynch et al.: 
        "Midwest Sociologists Critique Deans" Study? (Barbara Ryan); "A
        Response to Ryan et al." (David M. Lynch, J. Richard McFerron, Lee
        H. Bowker, Ian A.C. Beckford); "Less Handwringing and More New
        Analysis" (Nathan Keyfitz)
  • Deaths: Ruth Shonle Cavan, James C. Laue, John C. Osolnach
  • Obituaries: Walter L. Baeumler, Leonard G. Benson, Patricia Ann
        Brewster Begin, Judith Blake, Alfred Hunter, Martin P. Levine, Mark
        Van de Vall
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  • Minority Opportunities through School Transformation (MOST II)
        Receives Funding form Ford Foundation (Ramon S. Torrecilha)
  • February 1 Deadline: 1994 Congressional Fellowship
  • Richard A. Scarce Released from Jail
  • The Open Window: ASA Testifies to the Institute of Medicine (IOM)
        on Social Dimensions of AIDS (Felice J. Levine)
  • Section on Sociology of Religion in Formation
  • Kathleen McKinney to Edit Teaching Sociology (Kathleen Tiemann)
  • ASA/National Science Foundation Awards; Next Deadline December
  • Good Ideas
  • Minority Fellowship Program Dissertation Awards
  • Teaching: How an Inexpensive Computer and Fax/Modem Can
        Improve or Facilitate Your Teaching and/or Research (William R. Aho)
  • Mathematical Sociology Section to be Formed
  • International News and Notes: Record Attendance at the 31st Congress
        of the International Institute of Sociology (David Sciulli); Appeal to
        Libraries and Individuals; Italian-American Sociologists Participate in
        Pisa-Fenova Conference; Wanted: Books and Journals for Asia, China,
        Indochina, the Philippines, Mongolia and Other Countries; A World-
        Systems Electronic Conferencing Network: wsn
  • New Caucus of South Asian Sociologists Forming
  • Inside 1722: Valerie is Valuable
  • Jeremiah Kaplan, The Free Press, and Post-War Sociology (Seymour
        Martin Lipset)
  • ASA Congressional Fellow Update (Peter W. Cookson, Jr.)
  • Pine Forge Press Forges a New Trend in Publishing (Carla B. Howery)
  • Persian Gulf War Effects on Psychiatric Inpatients
  • Deaths: Julien Freund
  • Obituaries: Norman W. Bell, James Bennett, Paul J. Jehlik, James H.
        Laue, David Trevor Lewis
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  • ASA Promotes Social Research at the National Institute of Health
        (Paula Trubisky)
  • Candidates for ASA Offices, Council, and Committees
  • Sociology Departments Sought for New Minority Opportunties through
        School Transformation (MOST) Program - February 4 deadline
  • The Open Window: ASA Focuses on the Academy (Felice J. Levine)
  • Social Scientists Gather to Discuss Genocide (Paula Trubisky)
  • Award-Winning Sociologists: Matilda White Riley Presents Pepper
        Lecture; Andrew Cherlin Receives $1.5 Million National Institute for
        Health Award; Doris Y. Wilkinson Receives Association of Black
        Sociologists (ABS) Distinguished Scholar Award; Arlie Hochschild
        Receives Sloan Foundation Grant; ASA Nominee Joyce Ladner
        Selected for Jessie Bernard Wise Woman Award
  • Sociology of Gambling? You Bet! (Carla B. Howery)
  • Nominations Invited for 1995 Major ASA Awards
  • International News and Notes: North American Chinese Sociologists
        Association (NACSA) Holds Conference on "Gender Issues In
        Chinese Societies"; International Sociological Association (ISA) Looks
        to Bielefeld
  • Can We Talk? Bertice Berry Begins National TV Talk Show (Nina
  • 1994 Annual Meeting: Looking Ahead to Los Angeles '94: Space for
        Other Activities at the 1994 Annual Meeting; Think Posters! (Beth
  • 1993 Annual Meeting: More ASA Section Award Winners in Miami:
        Christian Suter Wins Political Economy of the World Sysytem (PEWS)
        Award (Philip McMichael); Gerald Suttles Wind Lynd Award (Ruth
  • ASA Sections Invite Nominations for 1994 Awards
  • Building an Applied Information Network (Janet M. Ruane)
  • Faculty Writing Groups and Professional Development (Kathleen A.
  • Minority Affairs Program News: Last Call for 1994 Minority Fellowship
        Program Competition; Minority Fellowship Program Dissertation
        Awards; Minority Fellowship Program Awardees
  • Winner of Raffle Ticket Announced
  • Writing Tips: Fad Words and Fuzzy Phrases (Karen Feinberg)
  • Open Forum: "A Response to Lofland" (Harold Orlans); "Where Do
        Sociologists Come From?" (Robert J. Stevenson); "Recognition of
        Sociology: A Tale of Two Cities" (Dean Conley)
  • Congratulations to Departmental Prize Winning Students
  • 1993 Honors Program Students Announced
  • Deaths: Hans O. Mauksch
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