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  • 1999 Annual Meeting: Spotlight on Chicago (R. Stephen Warner)
  • Happy New Year from the ASA Staff
  • William Julius Wilson Awarded National Medal of Science The Open Window: Research, Data Collection and the Public's Right to Know (Felice J. Levine); Sociologist Sues California Governor Over Bar on Data (Andrew L. Barlow, Troy Duster)
  • Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research Priorities at National Institutes of Health (Norman B. Anderson)
  • Public Affairs Update
  • Six Receive ASA/National Science Foundation Small Grant Awards
  • Deaths: Shirley Vining Brown, Philip H. Ennis, Byron Evans, Niklas Luhmann
  • Obituaries: Rose Helper, Ann Madalyn Kremers, Rosalie Hankey Wax
  • Official Reports and Proceedings: 1998-99 Council Minutes (August 25-26, 1998)
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  • 1999 Annual Meeting: Spotlight on Chicago (Anthony M. Orum)
  • ASA Seeks Editor for "Perspectives" Journal
  • ASA Council Approves New Task Forces; Seeks Member Involvement
  • The Open Window: Sociologists Take Note: Data Access and Proposed Use of Freedom of Information Act (Felice J. Levine)
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science Passes Resolution on Freedom of Information Act Demands
  • Applications and Nominations Sought for Key National Science Foundation Positions
  • Public Affairs Update
  • Aaron Pallas Leads Sociology of Education (Gary Natriello)
  • "It's in the American Sociological Review. . . ? Children of the Cultural Revolution (Glenn Firebaugh)
  • Confidentiality and the 1997 ASA Code of Ethics: A Query (John Lowman and Ted Palys)
  • Confidentiality and the 1997 Code of Ethics: A Response from the Committee on Professional Ethics (Joyce Iutcovich, Sue Hoppe, John Kennedy, Felice J. Levine)
  • Public Forum: Creativity in Graduate Schools (S.M. Miller)
  • National Science Foundation Sociology Program Announces 1998 Grants
  • Spotlight on Departments: St. Cloud State University Awarded First Commission on Applied and Clinical Sociology Accreditation
  • ASA Council Votes to Reinstate Emeritus Membership
  • Medical Sociologists Win Major Research Awards (Donald W. Light)
  • Sociology Abroad: Vive la Sociologie! Vive la France!
  • State Sociological Associations: The Rewards of Going "Out of the Box" (John E. Farley)
  • Sociology and Service-Learning: Lessons from the Field (Carolyn Vasques-Scalera, Mark Chesler)
  • Deaths: E. Colvin Baird, Peter Becker, William H. Whyte
  • Obituaries: Philip Ennis, Mamoru Iga, Allen E. Liska, Delbert C. Miller, George eaton Simpson, John Wardwell, Wilbur Watson
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  • 1999 Annual Meeting: Chicago Music (Deena Weinstein)
  • ASA Council Offers Guidelines on Policymaking; Seeks Input
  • A Message from the ASA President (Alejandro Portes)
  • New Editors for ASA Journals
  • The Open Window: ASA and Public Policy: The Role of a Scientific Society (Felice J. Levine)
  • Congressional Fellow?s Report: Clean Money, Clean Elections (Rachel Gragg)
  • Public Affairs Update
  • American Council of Learned Societies President John D'Arms Addresses ASA Council
  • 1999-2000 Candidates Announced for ASA Officers: (President Elect) Douglas S. Massey, Mayer N. Zald; (Vice President-Elect) Richard D. Alba, Gary D. Sandefur
  • Interagency Education Research Initiative: A Great Opportunity for Sociologists
  • Nominations Sought for Major ASA Awards in 2000
  • Spotlight on Departments: Hunter College Engages First Generation College Students in Applied Research
  • We'd Love to Hire them But. . . : The Underrepresentation of Sociologists of Color and Its Implications (Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Cedric Herring)
  • MOST Program Moves Ahead
  • MOST Department Receives Diversity Award
  • The Demise of the GRE Sociology Examination (Rhonda Zingraff)
  • Three Sociologists Walk the Talk. . . By Bicycle (Carla B. Howery)
  • Public Forum: "The "Purpose" of the ASA?" (Richard Tomasson, et al);  "Council Action"; "Reskin Responds" (Barbara F. Reskin); :From the editor and ASA Executive Officer" (Felice J. Levine)
  • Excerpts from ASA Council Subcommittee Report on Policymaking and Resolutions
  • Deaths: Margaret Baltes, W. Roy Cook, Mirra Komarovsky Heyman, David L. Stevenson
  • Obituaries: Peter M. Becker, Shirley Ann Vining Brown, Robert C. Davis, Walter Hirsch
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    April 1999 (Volume 27, Number 4)
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  • 1999 Annual Meeting: Town Meeting with Kenneth Prewitt on Census 2000
  • Jonathan Turner is New Editor of Sociological Theory (Randall Collins)
  • 1999 Annual Meeting: Black Chicago (Mary Patillo-McCoy)
  • The Open Window: Proposed Use of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for Data Access (Felice J. Levine)
  • Kenneth Prewitt Leads Census Bureau Toward 2000 (Suzanne Bianchi)
  • Public Affairs Update
  • ASA Council Approves Student Forum
  • The Pipeline of Faculty of Color in Sociology (Roberta Spalter-Roth, Felice J. Levine, Andrew Sutter)
  • Conference on Black Women in the Academy Builds Networks and Insights (Steve Hoffman)
  • George Dowdall Named New ASA Congressional Fellow
  • Teaching Enhancement Fund Supports Two Projects
  • Daniel Harrison is Third ASA-AAAS Media Fellow
  • Community Action Research Initiative Awards
  • It's in the American Sociological Review: Real in their Consequences (Anna Chase, Karen Bloom)
  • Economic Sociology Section in Formation (Wayne E. Baker)
  • Public Forum: "The New Genetics: A Challenge to Sociology?" (Robert Dingwall, Alison Pilnick); "More Chicago Stories" (Ruth L. Love);  "Have Our Efforts Succeeded" (Bernard Philips)
  • Deaths: Albert E. Gollin, Donald Ploch, Winson Small, Deborah Theado, Morton G. Wenger
  • Obituaries: Carlo L. Lastrucci, Clarence H. Patrick
  • Official Reports and Proceedings: Editor's Reports
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    Green Arrow Footnotes
    May/June 1999 (Volume 27, Number 5)
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  • Mirra Komarovsky (1907-1999): Old World Grace and New World Ideas (Jonathan Rieder)
  • 1999 Annual Meeting: Chicago With Kids (Christena Nippert Eng)
  • Section Journals Now Possible: Council Affirms New Guidelines for Establishing and Retaining ASA Journals
  • The Open Window: Planting the Seeds for Curriculum Change (Felive J. Levine)
  • Public Affairs Update: National Humanities Alliance Holds Annual Meeting in April (William R. Ferris); Action Update: Keep Opposition Up! Use of Freedom of Information Act for Data Sharing
  • Immediate Action Needed! Press for Restored Support for National Endowment for the Humanities
  • Colleagues Remember Mirra Komarovsky
  • It's in the American Sociological Review: Collective Violence and Group Solidarity (Susan G. Singley)
  • What's New in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior? (John Mirowsky)
  • Associations Give New Attention to Civic Engagement (Carla B. Howery)
  • Carnegie Academy Focuses on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Sociology, Selects Fellows (Carla B. Howery and Steve Hoffman)
  • Spotlight on Departments: A Open House for Prospective Graduate Students at Northwestern University
  • ASA testifies on National Science Foundation Appropriations
  • Sociology Doctoral Student and Activist Honored (Kim Cameron-Dominguez)
  • ASA-COSSA Toast: William Julius Wilson Honored for National Medal of Science
  • Public Forum: Members Comment on ASA's Publication on Affirmative Action (Harold Orlans, William J. Tinney, Jr., Evelyn Nakano-Glenn and Robert Perucci, Angela Haddad and Robert Newby)
  • The Power of Positive Thinking Revisited: Positive Psychology Project
        Launched (Carla B. Howery)
  • Rethinking Outreach as Professional Service in Higher Education (Carla B. Howery)
  • Deaths: Gerd Schroeter
  • Obituaries: W. Roy Cook, Carolyn R. Dexter, Albert E. Gollin, Niklas
        Luhmann, Donald R. Ploch, Timothy P. Rouse, Stanley L. Saxton, Jr., Shirley Wilson Strickland, Deborah Theado
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  • ASA Election Results: Douglas S. Massey Elected ASA President; Richard D. Alba is Vice-President
  • 1999 Annual Meeting: Battling Uneven Development in Chicago (Phil Nyden, Gwen Nyden)
  • Call for Nominations for ASA Offices
  • Major ASA Award Winners Announced for 1999: Sarah L. Babb (Dissertation Award); Paula England (Jessie Bernard Award); not awarded in 1999 (DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award); Herbert J. Gans (Award for Public Understanding of Sociology); Peter H. Rossi (Distinguished Career Award for the Practice of Sociology); William G. Roy (Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award); Randall Collins (Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award); Dorothy E. Smith (Career    of Distinguished Scholarship Award)
  • The Open Window: A Walk on the Applied Side (Felice J. Levine)
  • Craig Calhoun to Head the Social Science Research Council
  • Public Affairs Update
  • Charles Camic/Franklin Wilson: A Profile of the New American Sociological Review Editors (Erik Olin Wright)
  • Helen Moore to Edit Teaching Sociology (Lynn White)
  • 1999 Annual Meeting: ASA in Chicago . . . Everything You Need to Know!
  • 1999 Annual Meeting: Tour the Windy City! (Tracie Danforth)
  • Minority Fellowship Program Presents New Fellows (Edward Murguia)
  • Pubic Forum: Publications Committee Letter of Resignation by Michael Burawoy; Response by ASA President by Alejandro Portes)
  • Eight Projects Receive ASA-National Science Foundation Small Grant Awards
  • Gender, Citizenship, and the Work of Caring (Francesca Cancian)
  • Emeritus Category Reinstated
  • Obituaries: Ross Paul Scherer, David Lee Stevenson
  • Official Reports and Proceedings: 1998-99 Council Minutes (February 5, 1999)
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  • 1999 Annual Meeting: Lively Annual Meeting in Sociology's Kind of Town
  • ASA Council Appoints Five Task Forces
  • ASA Annual Meeting Over the Newswire (Rachel Gragg)
  • The Open Window: The ASA's Minority Fellowship Program - A Solid Investment (Felice J. Levine)
  • Suggestions Solicited for 2001 Annual Meeting Program
  • 2001 Annual Meeting Theme: "Cities of the Future"
  • Public Affairs Update
  • ASA Council Renews Call for Input on ASA Policy on Policymaking
  • Profile of the ASA President: Joe R. Feagin: Willing to take a Stand (Hernan Vera)
  • Executive Officer's Report on Actions from ASA Council - August 1999
  • Public Forum: "Many Voices Weigh In on ASR and the Editor Selection Process" (Michael Schwartz, et al, Glenn Firebaugh, Erik Olin Wright, Samuel R. Lucas, James F. Short, Jr., Patricia A. Roos, Douglas S.  Massey); "A Challenge to Deracialization of Scholarship" (Barbara J. Costello); "Is This for Real?" (Stephen H. Balch).
  • 1999 Annual Meeting: Major Award Recipients Honored in Chicago
  • International Sociology has a U.S. Home
  • Sociology Makes the List (Amy Hartlaub)
  • Spotlight on Departments: Augsburg College's Process for Making the Right Hire
  • 1998 ASA Audit: A Sound Financial Picture at ASA
  • Nominations Sought for ASA Journal Editors
  • Deaths: Nicholas Babchuk, Carlfred Broderick, Eleanor Paperno Wolf
  • Obituaries: Jane Cooley Carlson, Alan S. Meyer, Richard Hayes Ogles, Rev. Chancy Robert Rawleigh, William J. Reddin
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    Green Arrow Footnotes
    November 1999 (Volume 27, Number 8)
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  • Contemporary Sociology Offers Utopian Visions (Barbara Risman and Donald Tomaskovic-Devey)
  • ASA Holds Congressional Briefing on Hate Crimes (Carla Howery)
  • Preliminary Program Has a New Face in 2000
  • Special Issue of Sociology of Education: Spencer Foundation Makes Grant
  • The Open Window: Building Strong Departments: ASA and the Department Resources Group (DRG) (Felice J. Levine)
  • Edward Murguia Concludes ASA term in August 2000; Search Commences
  • Public Affairs Update
  • Claude Fischer to Edit New ASA General Perspectives Journal
  • Committee on Professional Ethics (COPE) Issues Decision in the Case of Jean Ait Amber Belkir
  • Public Forum: "Institutional Racism, ASA Council, and the American Sociological Review Editorship" (Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities Officers and members); "Response from President Feagin" (Joe R. Feagin); "Response from President-Elect Massey" (Douglas S.    Massey); "Response from Past-president Portes" (Alejandro Portes); "More on the ASR Controversy" (Rochelle L. Woods); "A Response to Lucas" (Herbert J. Gans); "On Survey Data" (Howard Schuman, et al)
  • Congratulations to ASA Section Award Winners!
  • Sociologists Go to Work in High Technology (Jon Guice)
  • Spotlight on Departments: Curriculum Change and Assessment: Bemidji State Takes It On!
  • 2000 Coupon Listing
  • Dialogue and Partnership with Asian American Communities (Yvonne M. Lau and Esther Ngan-ling Chow)
  • Notre Dame Institute Advances Educational Initiatives (Amy Hartlaub)
  • Council on Undergraduate Research to Include Social Sciences (Edward Murguia)
  • Obituaries: Nicholas Babchuck, Carlfred Broderick, William Woodland Reeder, Susan Su
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  • Budget, Policy and Substance Frame Consortium for Social Science Associations (COSSA) Annual Meeting
  • Candidates for ASA Offices, Council, Commmittees
  • American Council of Learned Societies and ASA: Reflections in 1999
  • The Open Window: Preparing Future Faculty (Felice J. Levine)
  • Search Underway for Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research (OBSSR) Director
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Program Director Search: Law and Social Science
  • Public Affairs Update
  • Sociologists Appointed Russell Sage Foundation Fellows
  • Help Sought in Using and Assessing NSF Pilot Project
  • Faculty Salaries Exceed Inflation for 1998-1999 (Roberta Spalter-Roth)
  • Eight Projects Receive Fall 1999 Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline (FAD) Awards
  • The ASA Honors Program: Bringing Terrific Students to the Annual Meeting and Into the Profession
  • An Inside Sociological View: Race and the School Expulsions in Decatur, Illinois (Larry Lovell-Troy and Robert Hironimus-Wendt )
  • Spotlight on Departments: Augusta State University: Developing Researchers Linked to Their Community
  • Public Forum: "Politics and the ASA" (James Tucker)
  • 2000 Annual Meeting Update
  • Call for ASA Section Award Nominations for 2000
  • Deaths: Raymond P. Cuzzort, Sigmund Diamond, Robert W. Peddycoat
  • Obituaries: Verl R.W. Franz
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