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City & Community (Section on Community and Urban Sociology)
Journal of World Systems Research (Section on Political Economy of the World System)
Society and Mental Health (Section on Sociology of Mental Health)
Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (Section for Racial and Ethnic Minorities)

Recent Selected Articles

Citizenship and Punishment: The Salience of National Membership in U.S. Criminal Courts (American Sociological Review, October 2014).

The High School Environment and the Gender Gap in Science and Engineering (Sociology of Education, October 2014).

How Our Majors Believe They Learn: Student Learning Strategies in an Undergraduate Theory Course (Teaching Sociology, October 2014).

Territories of Concern: Vacant Housing and Perceived Disorder on Three Suburban Blocks  (City & Community, September 2014).

Editor’s Remarks and Special Essay  (Contemporary Sociology, September 2014).

Stress Proliferation across Generations? Examining the Relationship between Parental Incarceration and Childhood Health (Journal of Health and Social Behavior, September 2014).

The Detrimental Effects of Sanctions on Intragroup Trust: Comparing Punishments and Rewards (Social Psychology Quarterly, September 2014).

Eating Military Base Stew (Contexts, Summer 2014).

The Effect of Labeling and Numbering of Response Scales on the Likelihood of Response Bias (Sociological Methodology, 2014).

Warring Identities: Identity Conflict and the Mental Distress of American Veterans of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (Society and Mental Health, July 2014).

Reconsidering Virtuosity: Religious Innovation and Spiritual Privilege (Sociological Theory, June 2014).