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Cost of Membership

Membership dues cover the calendar year (January 1-December 31). ASA does not offer pro-rated membership fees for individuals joining after January 1.

Membership Fees

Regular membership dues are based on income and range from $50 to $360. Full-time students may join for $50. Non-sociologists may join as Associate members for $103. Regular, Student, and Associate membership includes one print journal of choice. Emeritus/Retired membership is $50. International Associate membership is $55. ASA members receive online access to all (non-section) ASA journals as part of membership. Regular, associate, and student members also receive one printed journal included with their membership dues.

Regular Membership Category:

(Dues are determined by annual gross income)

Annual Gross Income Amount
Unemployed  $50
Under $30,000  $80
$30,000-$39,999  $125
$40,000-$54,999  $185
$55,000-$69,999  $236
$70,000-$84,999   $267
$85,000-$99,999  $288
$100,000-$124,999  $310
$125,000-$149,999   $335
$150,000 and over  $360


Associate Member:  $103

Not for individuals with full-time appointments in sociology departments. Associate members are not eligible to vote in ASA elections.

Student Member:  $50

Only full-time students are eligible for this category.

Emeritus Member:  $50

Must be retired from primary workplace and no longer receiving payment for sociological work on a salaried basis.

International Associate:  $55

Click here to view whether your country is eligible for this category.

All membership categories, except for Emeritus/Retired and International Associate, include one printed journal of choice. All ASA members receive online access to all (non-section) ASA journals. 

Journal Subscription Fees

ASA members receive online access to all (non-section) ASA journals included with membership. Regular, associate, and student members receive one printed journal. ASA members may purchase additional printed journals for $45 for Regular, Associate, International Associate, and Emeritus/Retired members, and $30 for Students and Unemployed members. International subscribers must add $20 for postage per print journal subscription.

Journal Regular/Associate Student/Unemployed
 American Sociological Review  $45  $30
 Contemporary Sociology  $45  $30
 Contexts  $45  $30
 Journal of Health and Social Behavior  $45  $30
 Social Psychology Quarterly  $45  $30
 Sociological Methodology  $45  $30
 Sociological Theory  $45  $30
 Sociology of Education  $45  $30
 Teaching Sociology  $45  $30


Additional Elective Costs


ASA members may join special interest sections. Some sections publish newsletters, maintain list-serves and sponsor program sessions during the Annual Meeting. Section dues are an additional cost to membership dues. You must be a current ASA member to join a section.

Click here to view current section membership fees.


ASA members may receive access to the JSTOR database of archival journals for $40 per year. For additional information, please visit