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December 13, 2003
View contents of the December 2003 Footnotes newsletter. [12/13/03]

December 4, 2003
A December 4, 2003, New England Journal of Medicine editorial, spurred by Congress, strongly endorses value of NIH-supported social science research. [12/4/03]

ASA members now can easily access a directory of ASA member e-mail addresses after logging in at members' webpage.

The state of sociology: Need today's data yesterday? Recently updated summaries of trends in the profession to help you and your students get ahead.


November 17, 2003
National policy to promote marriage should be informed by data.

November 14, 2003
Largest national analysis contradicts conventional wisdom that small or private schools better serve adolescent emotional development.

November 3, 2003
ASA Executive Officer statement supporting NIH peer review and NIH-funded research.

November 1, 2003
Contexts magazine Call for Editor.


October 29, 2003
Ominous development in potential congressional threat to integrity of basic science.

October 23, 2003
Policy audience learns useful sociological lessons about natural and intentional disasters at Capitol Hill briefing.

October 21, 2003
Human subjects research protections don't apply to oral history interviews.

View contents of the Sept./Oct. 2003 Footnotes newsletter.

October 8, 2003
Statement on the defeat of California's Proposition 54.

Comparison of graduate & undergraduate sociology programs.


September 17, 2003
Veteran NASA flight director "kicks" himself for not having taken more college sociology.

September 4, 2003
Democratic presidential campaigns use ASA 2003 award-winning dissertation research findings in debates, speeches.

ASA membership is at a four-year high! And the nearly 20,200 section members is a historic high!


August 28, 2003
Congressional assault on peer review is defeated. Social science community is poised for a possible Senate attack.

August 1, 2003
Congress isn't so easily bought, according to researcher.

ASA helps welcome new NIH heads.


July 28, 2003
Read the ASA final report on assessing faculty productivity and the final report on diversity issues regarding ASA journals.

July 24, 2003
Visit Contexts magazine's redesigned website. Read press release.

July 10, 2003
Peer review under attack: today!! [7/10/03].

View content of July/Aug. 2003 Footnotes newsletter.


June 20, 2003
Catch sociologist Ruth Wallace on Public TV on June 20-22.

June 17, 2003
NSF-funded sociologists discuss research with White House science heads & U.S. Reps. at Capitol Hill exhibition.

June 13, 2003
ASA's first electronic election yields centennial leadership.

Membership passes member resolution on war in Iraq. Join a related discussion.

New Rose Series publication, America's Newcomers, enters debate on immigration policy.

Read sample feature articles in the spring 2003 Contexts magazine: Genetic technology and Saad Ibrahim's letter from Cairo.

Egyptian-American sociologist and advocate Saad Ibrahim to be Annual Meeting special guest.

May 28, 2003
ASA's successful Hill briefing held on race data & analysis.

May 21, 2003
Library Journal puts Contexts among the top 10 of new 2002 magazines. Press release.

May 4, 2003
ASA Past-President William J. (Si) Goode died on May 4.

Career, job, & fellowship sources for students.

Final report on sociology's articulation in two- & four-yr programs.


February 23, 2003
Robert K. Merton died on Feb. 23, 2003.

February 17, 2003
ASA files Supreme Court brief (PDF) supporting the University of Michigan. Press release.

February 4, 2003
Contexts wins prestigious scholarly publication award.

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