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December 22, 2005
ASA/New Yorker Cartoon Products are now available in the ASA online store. And start "laughing out loud" with the ASA/New Yorker Sociologist's Book of Cartoons. [12/22/05]

Missed 2004's Record-setting Annual Meeting? Order audio-video DVDs of the major public addresses & plenary sessions. [12/22/05]

December 20, 2005
NSF Grants for Hurricane Research New "rapid-response" funding from the National Science Foundation will support teams studying the impact of Hurricane Katrina on people and social systems.[12/20/05]

December 8, 2005
Preparing for Pandemic Flu Rep. Bart Gordon sends letter to HHS Secretary M. Leavitt warning of too little attention to social science in federal planning for possible flu pandemic. House Committee on Science holds briefing on social science.

December 6, 2005
Research on parenting published in American Sociological Review was a prominent focus of the December 6 episode of NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Sociologist Marta Tienda is featured on the Academies' new website for young people about female scientists' accomplishments. This site complements the 10-vol. Women's Adventures in Science series.

ASA members qualify for major discounts on publications & memberships. See 2006 Coupon Listing.

New Listservs have been created for department chairs and directors of graduate study; see November Member News & Notes newsletter emailed to ASA members.

National Institutes of Health invites applications for its Pioneer Award.

Now Available Online . . . November Footnotes newsletter.


November 30, 2005
Hurricane Effects on Capitol Hill...House Science Research Subcommittee holds hearing on social science research on disasters and includes sociologist witness. Doing hurricane research? See last column of this page, a page that also has new information (as of 11/30/05) on data resources and research.

November 14, 2005
National Institutes of Health announces sociologist David Mechanic as Matilda Riley Annual Lecturer in the Behavioral and Social Sciences.

November 5, 2005
Latest Update . . . 2006 Census budget survives conference.

2006 ASA Election . . . view slate of candidates.

November 1, 2005
The New York Times (p A25) and Wall Street Journal (p D5) each published November 1 stories on an October American Sociological Review article by Wrigley & Dreby on fatality incidence in U.S. child care. [11/1/05]

The ASA online member database is open for 2006 membership renewal & application. Join or renew!


October 19, 2005
"Science Times" Newsmaker . . . ASA Past-President Troy Duster profiled in October 18 New York Times' "Conversation With" feature. [10/19/05]

Now Online . . . Sept./Oct. Footnotes newsletter.


September 30, 2005
International Sociological Association Attend the 16th ISA World Congress, whose theme is "The Quality of Social Existence in a Globalising World," July 23-29, 2006, Durban, South Africa. [9/30/05]

2006 ASA Coupon Listing . . . list your book or journal.

Disaster Resources (including Pakistan earthquake) [more].

National Children's StudyNational Institutes of Health unveils first research centers for this major multiagency effort; sociologist Barbara Entwisle is Principal Investigator.

Hurricane and Earthquake Disaster Resources

  • ASA President Cynthia Fuchs Epstein's hurricane statement
  • Disaster experts for press interviews
  • Help hurricane victims


August 22, 2005
New ASA Statement on Human Rights on the occasion of ASA's centennial. [8/22/05]

ASA Position Opening . . . Minority Fellowship Program.

August 10, 2005
Legislative News . . . U.S. House Rep. Patrick Kennedy (RI) introduces a bill informed extensively by sociological research on U.S. preparedness for terrorist attacks and other disasters. [8/10/05]


July 8, 2005
Research indicates that a school's integration level affects minorities' sense of injustice. Read press release. [7/8/05]


June 22, 2005
Sociology shines on Capitol Hill at annual Coalition for National Science Funding Exhibition. [6/22/05]

ASA Action Alert . . . Congressional amendment to NIH funding bill threatens research peer review process. [6/22/05, 7/6/05]

Now Available . . . The 2005 ASA Directory of Members, with more than 12,000 entries. Visit the ASA online bookstore to purchase a copy today. [6/22/05]

June 15, 2005
ASA Election Results . . . With more grace and less acrimony than a U.S. presidential election, ASA's 2005 poll boasts a record number and proportion of eligible voters. Learn about upcoming ASA leadership. [6/15/05]

June 14, 2005
Star Sociologist on Capitol Hill . . .  Waterman Awardee sociologist Dalton Conley will explain NSF-funded research to congressional audience at annual Coalition for National Science Funding Exhibition. [6/14/05]


May 3, 2005
Now Available Online . . . Michael Burawoy's 2004 Public Sociology presidential address [166KB PDF] from February 2005 American Sociological Review. [5/3/05]

May 2, 2005
American Sociological Review's February 2005 Patterson & Kaufman article [254KB PDF] is the topic of a May 1 New York Times op-ed and a BBC interview on popularity trends of cricket and the implications for international relations. [5/2/05]


April 18, 2005
Now Available Online . . . Contents of the April 2005 issue of Footnotes newsletter. Member login required. [4/18/05]

April 14, 2005
Now Available . . . The 2005 Guide to Graduate Departments of Sociology. Visit the ASA online bookstore. [4/14/05]

Now Available . . . With back issues of ASA's Teaching Sociology now archived in JSTOR, this online journal database presently houses the full ASA journal back-issue collection. Member login required. [4/14/05]

April 4, 2005
Call for Nominations . . . NIH's inaugural Matilda White Riley Lecture honors ASA Past-President. [4/4/05]

Be a Part of History . . . Don't miss being listed in ASA's 2005 centennial edition of the Directory of Members. Renew by April 15 to ensure your name is in this historic document.


March 23, 2005
America's health care delivery system and the social causes of its strengths and failings are examined in a Special Issue of ASA's Journal of Health and Social Behavior. See ASA press release. [3/23/05]

March 18, 2005
The lead article in the Journal of the American Medical Association by sociologist R. Koppel examines information tech's contributions to medical error/efficiency, receiving extensive national media coverage. [3/18/05]

View contents of the March 2005 Footnotes newsletter. [3/18/05]

March 3, 2005
Sampson & Raudenbush were featured on National Public Radio's Morning Edition about their Social Psychology Quarterly research article on "broken windows." See ASA press release on perceived neighborhood disorder. [3/3/05]


February 28, 2005
ASA Council makes case for social bases of gender differences in science careers; responds to public debate initiated by Harvard President. [2/28/05]

February 17, 2005
ASA President Troy Duster addresses ground-breaking gene research in February 18 AAAS Science magazine (p. 1050), on National Public Radio and in Christian Science Monitor. [2/17/05, 3/3/05]

February 10, 2005
Now Available . . . Report on Status of Persons with Disabilities in Sociology (PDF, 242 KB). [2/10/05]

February 4, 2005
Visit the new Task Force on Public Sociology website. [2/4/05]

February 3, 2005
New ASA Centennial resources . . . An index of article titles & links to issues of Footnotes newsletter (1972-present). [2/3/05]


January 27, 2005
Attention Tsunami Researchers ... NSF invites Human & Social Dynamics expedited small grant applications. Feb. 1 response recommended. [1/27/05]

January 26, 2005
Attention Medical Sociologists . . . NIH invites award applications from innovative social science researchers. [1/26/05]

January 28, 2005
Academic sociology departments are invited to participate in an IRB-approved survey on sociology BAs. [1/18/05]

January 17, 2005
Now Available . . . Task Force report on the undergraduate major. [1/17/05]

January 15, 2005
List of humanitarian aid organizations for helping victims of South Asia Tsunami. [1/15/05]

January 14, 2005
ASA's centennial inspires expansion of Sorokin Lecture program. Institutional applications are invited. [1/14/05]

Disaster experts are available to the press to discuss social effects of South Asia Tsunami. [1/14/05]

New study refines understanding of impact of "broken windows" in neighborhoods. [1/14/05]

January 12, 2005
ASA Action Alert . . . Contact U.S. Labor Dept. about data on women workers. [1/12/05]

January 11, 2005
Apply by Feb. 1, 2005, for small grants through ASA's Community Action Research Initiative. [1/11/05]

Apply by Feb. 1, 2005, for ASA's Congressional Fellowship. [1/11/05]

Apply by Feb. 1, 2005, for ASA's Teaching Enhancement Fund grant. [1/11/05]

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