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Former News and Announcements


Foreign Policy: Sociologists Cardoso, Christakis among top 100 global thinkers (12/09)

NY Times' D. Brooks touts sociology in economic theory (12/23/09)

Sociology research exhibited on Capitol Hill (3/24/09)

New ASA editors for 2010

American Sociological Review--Tony N. Brown, Katharine M. Donato, Larry W. Isaac, and Holly J. McCammon (Vanderbilt University)

Sociological Methodology--Tim Futing Liao (University of Illinois)

Sociological Theory--Neil Gross (University of British Columbia)
Sociology of Education--David Bills (University of Iowa)

Teaching Sociology--Kathleen Lowney (Valdosta State University)

Carla B. Howery, retired ASA Deputy Executive Officer and recipient of the 2009 ASA Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award, died on March 31, 2009.

Stimulus Bill provides NIH & NSF research funding [NSF plan available 3/19/09]

Read SPQ Snaps: Lighter, abbreviated versions of articles emphasizing relevance and readability ASA Council issues statement on federal statistical and research agencies (2/17/2009)

New in the ASA bookstore! Thinking About the Master's Degree in Sociology: Academic, Applied, Professional, and Everything in Between.

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