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ASA participates in USA Science & Engineering Festival

NY Times articles on only child and infidelity studies from 2010 Annual Meeting

New in the ASA Rose Series . . . Counted Out: Same-Sex Relations and Americans' Definitions of Family

Now available: Video lecture based on SPQ article

Now in the ASA bookstore:ASA Style Guide (4th ed.)

ASA partners with Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside Science to bring sociological news to the public. A recent example of the effort highlights a study, which found that children's social lives are key to academic/life success.

CNN interview: Adam Habib on ASA & academic freedom

Now accepting manuscripts: New section journal Society and Mental Health

Wright elected President-Elect; full election results

Profile of new JHSB editor Umberson

Profile of new SPQ editors Hegtvedt, Johnson

See who's been in the news lately quotes sociologists on war vets facing unemployment

Footnotes July/August newsletter is now online

New Report: Sociology and Criminology Programs

New Videos for Dept Chairs: Higher ed insights

ACLR Tool: Assess your library's sociology collection

ASA Council criticizes Arizona's new immigration law

ASA Council criticizes Arizona's ethnic studies teaching prohibition

ASA launches innovative teaching tool, TRAILS

Read the May/June 2010 Footnotes

See who's been in the news lately . . .

ASA President responds to recent Marquette decision

ASA President responds to state of Arizona about new immigration law and teaching of ethnic studies law

Waters, Mare, King, and Duncan elected to NAS

Vote in 2010 ASA Election

ASA sponsors exhibit at CNSF event on Capitol Hill

Sociologists elected to Academy of Arts & Sciences

New in the ASA Bookstore: 2010 Guide

ASA launches member-get-a-member campaign

Who's been in the news lately?

ASA major award winners announced

New ASA journal editors for JHSB, SPQ

Honor an outstanding student with a department prize

Call for volunteers:  ASA task force on climate change (May 1 deadline)

Scholar Adam Habib receives visa to visit United States, will speak at ASA Annual Meeting

Karen Hegtvedt and Cathryn Johnson (Emory University) selected as new editors of Social Psychology Quarterly ; Debra Umberson (University of Texas-Austin) selected as new editor of Journal of Health and Social Behavior

What are the sociological determinants of blockbuster Oscar-winning movies like Avatar?

New! Social Psychology Quarterly mugs with choice of cover photograph

What's the evolutionary link between intelligence and social/political values?

From ASA & NSF. . .  A basic research agenda for the sociology of climate change

ISA Travel Grants available - March 15, 2010, deadline

ASA Council accepts GLBT Status report (2/16/10)

ASA Council accepts Status of Women report (2/16/10)

Read/download February Footnotes newsletter

State Department rules in ASA favor on academic freedom regarding Adam Habib (1/20/10)

ASA President's appeal regarding Haiti disaster (1/20/10)

ASA announces new Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Read/download January Footnotes newsletter

Help bring sociology to kids through National Lab Day

ASA is a partner in first national USA Science & Engineering Festival

Teresa A. Sullivan named President of University of Virginia (1/10)

Help Secure the Future of MFP (1/10)

Wall Street Journal: "Sociologist" ranks 21 among best jobs in study (1/7/10)

ASA Announces New Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (1/6/10)

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