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The Section on the Sociology of Development
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Mission Statement

The Sociology of Development Section of ASA promotes work in sociology on the causes and effects of development. We support work in all geographical regions including the United States, other advanced industrial nations and the Global South. We are open to work of all theoretical orientations and all methodological orientations. Both theoretical and applied work is welcome.

Section Officers, 2015-2016

Chair David L. Brown, Cornell University
Chair-ElectJocelyn S. Viterna, Harvard University
Past Chair Rae Lesser Blumberg, University of Virginia
Secretary/Treasurer Matthew R. Sanderson, Kansas State University 2018

Section Council

Jennifer YJ Hsu, University of Alberta 2016
Andrew K. Jorgenson, University of Utah 2016
Manisha Desai, University of Connecticut 2017
Wendy Wolford, Cornell University 2017
Rina Agarwala, Johns Hopkins University 2018
Erin Metz McDonnell, Notre Dame 2018
Webmaster: Bernie White, Syracuse
Facebook Master: Jennifer Keahey, Colorado State (Page Under Construction)
Newsletter Editors:
Svetlana Dimitrova, Michigan State University
Kelly Birch-Maginot, Michigan State University