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ASA Section Listserv Address List


To access a list replace LIST NAME with the name of the desired list. For more information on how our lists function, visit our online  listserv guide. Remember: Announcement lists cannot be joined. If you are the member of a section and are not receiving messages from its list contact

AGING Aging Discussion Listserv  
AGING-ANNOUNCE Aging Announcement Listserv  
ALCOHOL_DRUGS Alcohol Discussion Listserv  
ALCOHOL_DRUGS-ANNOUNCE Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco Announcement Listserv  
ALTRUISM Altruism Discussion  
ALTRUISM-ANNOUNCE Altruism, Morality and Social Solidarity Announcement List  
ANIMAL_SOCIETY-ANNOUNCE Animals and Society Announcement Listserv  
ASIA_ASIAN_AMERICA-ANNOUNCE Asia, Asian America Announcement Listserv  
BODY-ANNOUNCE Body and Embodiment Announce  
CBSM Collective Behavior and Social Movements Discussion Listserv  
CHILDREN-ANNOUNCE Children Announcement Listserv  
COLLECTIVE_BEHAVIOR-ANNOUNCE Collective Behavior Announcement Listserv  
COMMUNICATION_AND_INFO_TECH-ANNO Communication Info Tech Announcement Listserv  
COMMUNICATION_AND_INFO_TECH-DISC Communication and Information Technology Section Discussion Listserv  
COMMUNITY-ANNOUNCE Community Announcement Listserv  
COMP_HISTORICAL_SOC-ANNOUNCE Comparative Historical Announcement Listserv  
CULTURE-ANNOUNCE Culture Announcement Listserv  
DEVELOPMENT Section on Development Discussion Listserv  
DEVELOPMENT-ANNOUNCE Section on Development Announcement Listserv  
DISABILITY-ANNOUNCE Disability and Society Announcement  
ECONOMIC_SOCIOLOGY-ANNOUNCE Economic Sociology Announcement Listserv  
EDUCATION Education Section Discussion Listserv  
EDUCATION-ANNOUNCE Section on Education Announcement Listserv  
EMOTIONS-ANNOUNCE Emotions Announcement Listserv  
ENVIRONMENT_TECH-ANNOUNCE Environment Announcement Listserv  
ETHNOMETHODOLOGY-ANNOUNCE Ethnomethodology Announcement Listserv  
EVOLUTION-ANNOUNCE Evolution, Biology and Sociology Announcement  
FAMILY-ANNOUNCE Family Announcement Listserv  
GLOBAL-DISCUSSION Global and Transnational Society Discussion Listserv  
HISTORY_OF_SOCIOLOGY-ANNOUNCE History Announcement Listserv  
HUMAN_RIGHTS-ANNOUNCE Human Rights Announcement  
INEQUALITY_POVERTY_MOBILITY Inequality, Poverty and Mobility Discussion Listserv  Subscriber
INEQUALITY-ANNOUNCE Inequality, Poverty and Mobility  
INTERNATIONAL_MIGRATION-ANNOUNCE International Migration Announcement Listserv  
LABOR-ANNOUNCE Labor and Labor Movements Announcement  
LATINO_A_SOCIOLOGY-ANNOUNCE Latino/a Announcement Listserv  
LATINO_A_SOCIOLOGY-DISCUSSION Latino/a discussion group  
LAW-ANNOUNCE Law Announcement Listserv  
MARXIST_SOCIOLOGY-ANNOUNCE Marxist Sociology Announcement Listserv  
MEDICAL_SOCIOLOGY-ANNOUNCE Medical Sociology Announcement Listserv  
MENTAL_HEALTH-ANNOUNCE Mental Health Announcement Listserv  
METHODOLOGY-ANNOUNCE Methodology Announcement Listserv  
OOW-ANNOUNCE Organizations, Occupations and Work Announcement  
PEACE_WAR-ANNOUNCE Peace War Announcement Listserv  
PEWS-ANNOUNCE Political Economy of World Systems Announcement  
POLITICAL_SOCIOLOGY-ANNOUNCE Political Sociology Announcement Listserv  
POPULATION-ANNOUNCE Population Section Announcement Listserv  
RACE_GENDER_CLASS-ANNOUNCE Race, Gender and Class Announcement  
RATIONAL_CHOICE-ANNOUNCE Rational Choice Announcement  
RELIGION-ANNOUNCE Religion Announcement  
SEX_AND_GENDER-ANNOUNCE Sex and Gender Announcement  
SEXUALITIES Section on Sexualities Discussion Listserv  
SEXUALITIES-ANNOUNCE Sexualities Announcement  
SKAT-ANNOUNCE Science, Knowledge, Tech Announcement  
SOC_PRACTICE Sociological Practice and Public Sociology Discussion Listserv  
SOC_PRACTICE-ANNOUNCE Sociological Practice Announcement  
SOC_THEORY-ANNOUNCE Sociological Theory Announcement  
SOCIALPSYCHOLOGY Section on Social Psychology Discussion List  
SOCIALPSYCHOLOGY-ANNOUNCE Social Psychology Announcement  
SREM-ANNOUNCE Racial and Ethnic Minorities Announcement  
TEACHINGANDLEARNING-ANNOUNCE Teaching and Learning Announcement