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How to Access Your ASA Online Journals: A Step-by-step Guide

Member's access to their online ASA journals is available in the regular member portal. ASA journal subscriptions include access to the full available archive of issues from ASA's publishing partners (e.g., if you subscribe to the American Sociological Review in 2012, you will get access to all ASR issues from 2004 forward). And, if you subscribe to two or more journals, you will receive online access to all ASA journals!

1. Log in at using your ASA ID and password.

ASA Homepage Login

2. Once logged in to the member portal, click on "Access your online journals" in the menu on the left (under ASA Journals).

Member Portal Home

3. A new window will open with clickable (hypertext) titles for each journal to which you have access, including journals published by any sections you have joined. Click on a journal title to browse the full-text version of that journal.

Journal Subscriptions Access webpage

4. You can access the current issue, or click on "All Issues" to navigate to a specific issue in the archive.

Contemporary Sociolog SAGE Home

5. Articles (and other content) are available in a variety of formats, including .html, .pdf. There are also quick links to the abstract, reprint permissions, citation marking, RSS feeds, and e-mail alerts.

Contemporaty Sociology November 2010 Table of Contents

As long as you are browsing journals published for ASA by a single publisher, you do not have to return to the list of journals for access. However, if you wish to switch to another publisher's platform, you will need to "toggle" back to the member portal menu to open a new list of journals.

In 2015, ASA's publishing partners, and the journals they print and distribute to members, are:



If you need additional information on how to subscribe or to access your journals, e-mail