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Section on Marxist Sociology

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Mission Statement

The ASA Marxist Section serves as a resource and meeting point for Marxist scholars. The Section on Marxist Sociology is not a narrowly focused group that mechanically applies Marxist rhetoric to complex sociological issues. The Section on Marxist Sociology consists of a membership that is interested in examining how insights from Marxist methodology and Marxist analysis can help explain the complex dynamics of modern society in all its dimensions: political, economic, military, cultural, even interpersonal. You don't have to "be a Marxist" to be a member of the Marxist Section.


Section Officers 2014-2015

Chair: Anita M. Waters
Chair-Elect: Brett Clark, University of Utah
Past Chair: Richard L. Hogan, Purdue University
Secretary/Treasurer: Ann M. Strahm, California State University, Stanislaus 2017

Section Council

Leontina M. Hormel, University of Idaho 2015
Matt Vidal, King's College London 2015
Heather D. Gautney, Fordham University 2016
Lloyd Klein, St. Francis College 2016
Brian J. Gareau, Boston College 2017
Paul Prew, Minnesota State University - Mankato 2017