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Section on Mental Health
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The purpose of the Section on Sociology of Mental Health is to provide an integrative supportive framework for research on social factors in mental health. The Mental Health Section considers issues ranging from serious mental disorders to subjective indicators of quality of life. The focus is on research and theory pertaining to social processes and mental health functioning.

Section Officers 2015-2016

Chair: Robin W. Simon, Wake Forest University
Chair-Elect: Kristi L. Williams, The Ohio State University
Past Chair: Jason Schnittker, University of Pennsylvania
Secretary/Treasurer: Eric R. Wright, Georgia State University 2017

Section Council

At Large Council Member: Robyn Lewis Brown, University of Kentucky 2017
Student Representative: Matthew K. Grace, Indiana University 2016
Section Award Committee Chair: Bruce G. Link, Columbia University 2016
Section Nominations Committee Chair: William R. Avison, Western University 2016
Section Publications Committee Chair: C. Andre Christie-Mizell, Vanderbilt University 2017
Section Membership Committee Chair: Stephanie W. Hartwell University of Mass-Boston 2017

Section Journal Editor: Elaine Wethington, Cornell University
Newsletter Editor: Richard E. Adams, Kent State University (