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The American Sociological Review is the flagship journal of the American Sociological Association (ASA). The ASA founded this journal in 1936 (volume 1) with the mission to publish original works of interest to the sociology discipline in general, new theoretical developments, results of research that advance our understanding of fundamental social processes, and important methodological innovations. All areas of sociology are welcome in the American Sociological Review. Emphasis is on exceptional quality and general interest. The ASA publishes the American Sociological Review bimonthly (February, April, June, August, October, December).

The American Sociological Review does not publish book reviews.


Selected Articles

Moving Beyond Deterrence: The Effectiveness of Raising the Expected Utility of Abstaining from Terrorism in Israel Laura Dugan and Erica Chenoweth (August 2012).

Neighborhood Diversity, Metropolitan Constraints, and Household Migration Kyle Crowder, Jeremy Pais, and Scott J. South (June 2012).

Politicization of Science in the Public Sphere: A Study of Public Trust in the United States, 1974 to 2010 Gordon Gauchat (April 2012).  

Presidential Address: C-Escalation and D-Escalation: A Theory of the Time-Dynamics of Conflict Randall Collins (February 2012).

Revisiting the Gender Gap in Time-Use Patterns: Multitasking and Well-Being among Mothers and Fathers in Dual-Earner Families Shira Offer and Barbara Schneider (December 2011)

Dangerous Liaisons? Dating and Drinking Diffusion in Adolescent Peer Networks Derek A. Kreager and Dana L. Haynie (October 2011)

Learning to Be Illegal: Undocumented Youth and Shifting Legal Contexts in the Transition to Adulthood Roberto G. Gonzales (August 2011)

Consequences of Parental Divorce for Child Development Hyun Sik Kim (June 2011)

Socioeconomic Status and the Increased Prevalence of Autism in California Marissa D. King and Peter S. Bearman (April 2011)

Status Struggles: Network Centrality and Gender Segregation in Same- and Cross-Gender Aggression Robert Faris and Diane Felmlee (February 2011)

2010 Presidential Address: Constructing Citizenship: Exclusion, Subordination, and Resistance Evelyn Nakano Glenn (February 2011)

2008 Presidential Address: Precarious Work, Insecure Workers: Employment Relations in Transition, Arne L. Kalleberg (February 2009)

2007 Presidential Address: Can Power from Below Change the World?Frances Fox Piven (February 2008)

2006 ASA Presidential Address: Women's Subordination in Global Context, Cynthia Fuchs Epstein (February 2007)

2005 Presidential Address: Comparative Perspectives and Competing Explanations: Taking on the Newly Configured Reductionist Challenge to Sociology, Troy Duster (February 2006)

2004 Presidential Address. For Public Sociology, Michael Burawoy (February 2005)