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Section on Social Psychology

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Section on Social Psychology is to foster the development of this branch of sociology through stimulating research and communicating knowledge. Social psychology is interpreted according to its inclusive and traditional use in sociology to encompass such broad fields as socialization, interpersonal relations and social interaction, attitudes and public opinion, and collective behavior.

Section Officers 2015-2016

Chair: Cathryn Johnson, Emory University
Chair-Elect: Amy Kroska, University of Oklahoma
Past Chair: Timothy J. Owens, Kent State University
Secretary/Treasurer: Jessica L. Collett, University of Notre Dame 2016

Section Council

Richard T. Serpe, Kent State University 2016
Peggy A. Thoits, Indiana University 2016
Jody Clay-Warner, University of Georgia 2017
Kathryn J. Lively, Dartmouth College 2017
Stephen Benard, Indiana University 2018
David R. Schaefer, Arizona State University 2018

Student Representatives

Elizabeth Culatta, University of Georgia 2016
Aaron Heshel Silverman, Stanford University 2016

Newsletter Editor

Bridget K. Welch, Western Illinois University


Jessica Collett, University of Notre Dame

Cooley-Mead Award Committee

Brian Powell (chair)
Deborah Carr
Gary Alan Fine
Monica Johnson
Gary Oates
Robert Shelly

Outstanding Recent Contribution in Social Psychology Award Committee

Steve Hitlin (chair)
C. Andrew Christie-Mizell
Guillermina Jasso
Kathy Kuipers
Ed Lawler

Graduate Affairs Committee

Sarah Thébaud (Chair)
Tim Hallett
David Melamed
Rashawn Ray
David Rohall
Mary Beth Hunzaker (graduate student member)

Graduate Student Investigator Committee

Justine Tinkler (chair)
Christina Falci
Dina Okamoto
Gretchen Peterson

Graduate Student Advisory Committee

Trent Mize (chair)
Susan Fisk
Jack Lam
Andrea Laurent-Simpson
Brooke Long
Struther Van Horn 

Nominations Committee

Dawn Robinson (chair)
Alison Bianchi
Diane Felmlee
Peggy Thoits
Christina Diaz (graduate student member)

Professional and External Affairs Committee

Murray Webster (chair)
Philip Brenner
Mamadi Corra
David Merolla

Endowment Development Committee

Richard Serpe (chair)
Alicia Cast
Ellen Granberg
Lisa Walker

Membership Committee

Andreas Schneider (chair)
D'Lane Compton
Joseph Dippong
Noboyuki Takahashi

Program Committee

John DeLamater
Marta Elliott
Brian C. Kelly
Sarah Mustillo