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Website Linking Policy

Can I link my website to the American Sociological Association website? 

We welcome links from academic and informational websites but regrettably cannot usually offer a reciprocal link. The American Sociological Association links to other websites, provided that the linked to website complies with the following bulleted criteria:  

Linking from the American Sociological Association website 

You must email the ASA webmaster requesting a link-swap; please note that we only include links to organizations whose aims and activities are similar to our own; for example:

We accept graphical links (i.e., logos) only under special circumstances, and we insist that these are supplied by their owners in a pre-agreed size and format, with written (email is fine) permission for their use.

Should the American Sociological Association agree to a link-swap, the size and placement of the link shall be entirely at the discretion of the webmaster. 

All third-party advertisements, must adhere to the American Sociological Association's (Advertising Guidelines). 

Restrictions on use and other important information 

In addition to this linking policy, the American Sociological Association website contains information on restrictions that apply to use of material on the American Sociological Association website. This information includes, among other things, restrictions in relation to privacy, copyright and a disclaimer by the American Sociological Association of any liability to any person arising from use of the American Sociological Association website. 

These restrictions and disclaimer will apply to your use of any material from the American Sociological Association website. Reservations The Sociological Association reserves the right to:

More information If you have any questions or comments about creating a link to our site, please contact us:
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