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Links to Data on Sociology and Other Professions

We use the following four data resources frequently in our reports, presentations, and for the trend data that we report on our web pages. These tools provide you with access to national postsecondary education datasets for use in your own custom reports or for your strategic planning and departmental policy purposes. Click on the icon of your choice to access these data tools and resources.


NSF’s WebCASPAR: Integrated Science and Engineering Resources Data System
Build your own tables using NSF and NCES data. Data is available on degrees awarded, enrollments, R&D funding, and institutional characteristics in many science and engineering fields including sociology. Free registration is required and user tutorials and help menus are available.


Logo for SESTAT data tool

NSF’s SESTAT: Scientists and Engineers Statistical Data System
A comprehensive, public-use data system about the employment, educational and demographic characteristics of scientists and engineers in the United States including sociologists drawing on a number of NSF surveys such as the Survey of Earned Doctorates, National Survey of Recent College Graduates, among others. Free registration is required. Extensive help menus, variable documentation, public-use data downloads, and technical notes are available.



National Center for Education Statistics, Institute of Education Sciences’ DAS: Data Analysis System
This web based data analysis software provides public access to mostly individual-level education survey data collected by the US Department of Education. Users can build their own analysis tables, covariance matrices (with their standard errors) for regression analysis, and, with DAS 2.0, perform weighted least-squares and logistic regression analysis on the web. In nationally representative complex samples, data on sociology majors can be found in the National Education Longitudinal Survey (NELS) and Bachelor’s and Beyond (B&B), while data on sociology faculty can be found in the National Study of Postsecondary Faculty (NSOPF). Step-by-step tutorials, which can be found by clicking the “User Help Center” link, are highly recommended.


IPEDS National Center for Education Statistics,
Institute of Education Sciences
IPEDS Data Center

A centralized data retrieval tool from NCES’s Integrated Postsecondary Data System (IPEDS). Can be used to obtain the IPEDS Institution Unit ID for a given school. Alternatively, visit NCES's College Navigator data tool to search for an institution by state.