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Journal Highlights


Full text featured articles from the most recent issues of ASA journals.
American Sociological Review: Citizenship and Punishment: The Salience of National Membership in U.S. Criminal Courts (October 2014)
City & Community: Territories of Concern: Vacant Housing and Perceived Disorder on Three Suburban Blocks (September 2014)
Contemporary Sociology: Editor’s Remarks and Special Essay (September 2014)
Contexts: Eating Military Base Stew (Summer 2014)
Journal of Health and Social Behavior: Stress Proliferation across Generations? Examining the Relationship between Parental Incarceration and Childhood Health (September 2014)
Social Psychology Quarterly: The Detrimental Effects of Sanctions on Intragroup Trust: Comparing Punishments and Rewards (September 2014)
Society and Mental Health: Warring Identities: Identity Conflict and the Mental Distress of American Veterans of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (July 2014)
Sociological Methodology: The Effect of Labeling and Numbering of Response Scales on the Likelihood of Response Bias (2014)
Sociological Theory: Reconsidering Virtuosity: Religious Innovation and Spiritual Privilege (June 2014)
Sociology of Education: Football as a Status System in U.S. Higher Education (July 2014)
Teaching Sociology: Measuring Student Learning in Social Statistics: A Pretest-Posttest Study of Knowledge Gain (July 2014)


Now Online: Journal of World-Systems Research Volume 20, Number 2 (Summer/Fall 2014)