Few PhDs Awarded to African Americans and Hispanics in 2006

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Sociology programs awarded few doctorates to African American and Hispanic students in academic year 2006.  The table below presents the number of PhDs awarded in each department who awarded at least one PhD to an African American or Hispanic student.
According to recently released data from the National Center for Education Statistics’s Completions Survey a total of 40 doctorates in sociology were awarded to African American students from 32 programs during the 2003 academic year.  Fully 74 PhD-granting departments did not award degrees to African Americans in 2003.  The University of Michigan and Howard University lead all other departments, each awarding three PhD’s to African Americans. 
Another 24 PhDs were awarded to Hispanic students in 18 programs.  Eighty-eight departments granting a sociology PhD in 2003 did not award a doctorate to a Hispanic student.  CUNY Graduate School awarded the highest number of PhDs to Hispanics.
By contrast, 349 sociology PhDs were awarded to white students in 99 graduate programs. 

Source: NCES’s Completions data include PhD degree data for 106 departments who awarded 439 PhD’s to “known” racial and ethnic students (omitting non-resident aliens and those whose race/ethnicity is unknown).  The data is accessible via NCES Peer Analysis System at http://nces.ed.gov/ipedspas/.

Excel icon Other data: Summary trend degree data for sociology is available in the Statistical Information section.