Regular Members Employed as Full-Time Faculty by Type of Institution

Regular Members Employed as Full-Time Faculty by Type of Institution in 2010 1, 2
(in percents)
Type of Institution Employed as Full-Time Faculty
Research I
Research/Doctoral 17.4
Masters 19.1
Baccalaureate 10.8
Special Focus/Other/Foreign
Did Not Report With Institution
Total 100.0%
(N) 4,898


1. "Special Focus/Other/Foreign" includes two-year institutions.

2. Although members self-report employment sector on the application, indicating the type of academic institution, these percentages are calculated based on our own coding of the work institutions using Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. We coded all cases where the names of work institutions were reported. We could not rely on the self-reported type of institution because two or more ASA members employed at the same institution often categorized it differently.

Summary:  Of regular ASA members employed as full-time faculty in higher education in 2010, the largest group was employed at Research I universities (37 percent when we include schools offering associate degrees), with a substantially smaller percentage employed in the next largest category (19 percent at Master’s Comprehensive institutions).  The smallest group of members was employed at two-year institutions (5 percent).

Source: ASA Membership Database, 2010