Highest Degree Completed by Regular Members

Highest Level of Education Completed by Regular Members in 2001 and 2010
 (in percents)

Type of Degree 2001 2010
Doctoral 74.6 85.9
Masters 10.4 9.7
Bachelors 2.2 3.0
Associates 0.0 0.1
Other 0.2 0.4
Did Not Report
12.5 1.0
Total 100.0% 100.0%
(N) 6,537 7,337

Summary:  Almost all regular members have Ph.D.s and the percentage of regular members with this advanced degree increased over the decade. About one third of regular members held PhDs by 2001. This figure increased to 86 percent in 2010.  In both years, members with a master’s degree comprised about 10 percent of the total membership. However, 2001 figures may not be as reliable given the larger percentage of missing cases in that year (12.5 percent).

Source:  ASA Membership Database, 2001 and 2010

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