Sections Governance Timeline

This timeline is the most up-to-date version for the current membership year. If you have any questions or corrections please contact Justin Lini at

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September 14
Session planning information for next year's Annual Meeting is due.

September 30
The end of ASA's membership year: Final Section session and budget allocations for the next year's Annual Meeting are calculated at this date

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October 1
Section Annual Reports Due from Section Past Chairs.

October 19
End of year membership lists sent to the section chairs.

October 25
Call for Awards Nominees statements are due. These are the announcements an updated contact information for the website. Do this as soon as possible so that your members have this information early.

October 30
Call for Papers topics are available online.

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November 5
Section chairs will be contacted by the Sections Coordinator to review their Awards Information.

November 15
Recipients of the current Section Awards are announced in Footnotes. This information is available on your section’s awards page at the ASA website.

November 10
Deadline for bylaws amendments for next year's election are due in the ASA Governance Office.

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December 7
Paper Submission online system opens for the next year.

December 31
Slates of candidates for the Spring election are due. Please see the election guide on the ASA website.

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Winter meeting of the Committee on Sections. After the Committee on Sections, governance office may contact sections with memos from the Committee Chair. Any sections with bylaws amendments under review will be contacted.

January 8
Paper submission system closes at 3pm EST

Late January
Section candidates contacted with links to complete their online biography for the election.

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ASA Council Meeting. The governance office will contact any sections who have bylaws amendments under review and will notify if changes have been approved.

February 7
Section invited panel session listings from organizers due in ASA Meetings Office

February 28
Candidates need to have all of their biographies entered into the online ballot system for the Spring election.

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March 1
Orders for special audio-visual equipment due in the ASA Meetings Office

March 5
All paper decisions made and Acceptance/Rejection letters should be received by Email.

March 7
Requests for reception space from Section Chairs are due in ASA Meetings Office

March 31
The last day any members may join and still participate in the the Spring ASA election.

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Voting in the Spring election opens around the 20th. Voting continues until 5:00pm on June 1st. Please note, the exact starting and ending dates of the election may move slightly depending on the year.

April 12
Last day to enter petition signatures in support of candidates or ballot proposals to the ASA Governance Office.

April 26
List of Section Guest Speakers with waived entrance fees due to Section Coordinator.

April 30
Annual Meeting Preliminary Schedule published online

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May 14
Pre-Registration deadline for program participants

Section catering orders due in the ASA Meetings Office.

Changes to session listings for the printed Final Program must be received at the Meetings Office.

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June 1
Section Election results will be sent to Section Chairs. Section Chairs must contact all candidates with results of the election before announcing them to the section.

June 2
Deadline to receive all changes for the Final Program

June 19
Invitations sent for new section officer training sessions at the Annual Meeting.

June 25
Deadline for the current year's Awards Recipients to be listed in Awards Ceremony Program

Amended versions of bylaws presented to section chairs for verification.

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Section Special Elections take place at this time. Special elections take place if a section has to replace officers or did not run elections during the Spring election.

Elections for Section Representative to the Committee on Sections take place at this time.

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August 1
First estimate of Section Sessions for the next year's Annual Meeting sent to section Chairs.

All check requests due to the governance office at least one week before the Annual Meeting. Any requests filed after this time will be handled after the meeting.

ASA office “moves” to the Annual Meeting City. This takes place three or four days before the start of the annual meeting.

Meeting Set-up and pre-meeting events. This takes place in the two days leading up to the Annual Meeting.

The Annual Meeting! Sections have their section days, receptions and business meetings. The Committee on Sections meets during this meeting, and also has an open meeting with Section Chairs. The Training session for New Section Officers also takes place at this time.

ASA Offices reopen a week after the Annual Meeting.

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