Section on Children and Youth

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Section on Children and Youth is to encourage the development and dissemination of sociological perspectives on children in the areas of research, theory, policy, practice, and teaching. Here, the term "children" includes every human being from infancy through the transition to adulthood.

Section Officers, 2013-2014

Chair Dalton Conley New York University
Chair-Elect Allison Pugh University of Virginia
Past Chair Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson Washington State University
Secretary/Treasurer Kelly Musick Cornell University

Section Council

David A. Kinney Central Michigan University 2014
Ann Meier University of Minnesota 2014
Shannon Cavanagh University of Texas at Austin 2014
Dana L. Haynie Ohio State University 2014
Stefanie Mollborn University of Colorado Boulder 2014
Heather Beth Johnson Lehigh University 2016
Elizabeth Vaquera University of South Florida 2016

Student Representatives

Jason Blind Indiana University 2014
Kristin Smith Abner University of Illinois at Chicago 2014
Alicia Raia Rutgers University 2015

Founding Chair

Gertrud Lenzer, Brooklyn College and The Graduate Center, The City University of New York