What Are Sections?

Sections are constituent parts of the American Sociological Association. The purpose of Sections is to promote the common interest of Association members in specified areas of sociology. Both the growth of membership in the Association and proliferation of specialties in sociology have brought about a need for Sections; they are a means of increasing communication and interaction among persons of similar interests within the framework of a larger organizations. While Sections facilitate relationships and work among persons with a common interest, they also provide an opportunity for individuals to participate actively in their national association.

Why Should I Join a Section?

Participating in sections is a great way to become involved in ASA. In addition to staying current in special interest areas, sections provide excellent networking opportunities. Sections produce newsletters which are either mailed to current section members or are posted on the section website. Section newsletters provide news for and about section members, current section research, issue debates, grant opportunities, book announcements, meeting announcements, and other pertinent information. Also, Sections sponsor a large number of sessions during the ASA Annual Meetings.

How Do I Join a Section?

Since Sections are integral parts of the Association, section membership requires membership in the Association as well. Full, associate, student, and emeriti members may join as many Sections as interest them by paying the appropriate dues.

If you have questions about ASA Sections, please contact the ASA Governance and Sections Office at  (202) 383-9005 , ext. 330 or e-mail sections@asanet.org. If you are not already an ASA member, you may join ASA and one or more sections online or by printing and mailing the membership application form. If you are already a current ASA member and would like to add a section membership, login to the online systemor complete and mail the section membership application form.