Section on the History of Sociology Award Recipients
Section on the History of Sociology Distinguished Scholarly Career Award
Year Name Affiliation Other

Donald N. Levine

University of Chicago  

Jennifer Platt

University of Sussex Emeritus Professor of Sociology

Charles Camic

 Northwestern University.  
2010 John Galliher University of Missouri  
2009 Edward Tiryakian Duke University  
2008 Robert Alun Jones, University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign  
2007 Guenther Roth    
2006 Irving Louis Horowitz Rutgers University  
2005 Susan Hoecker-Drysdale Professor Emerita, Concordia University and Retired Visiting Professor, Univeristy of Iowa 'for her outstanding career of scholarship and leadership in the History of Sociology'
2004 Jack Nusan Porter       Glenn Jacobs     Alan Sica University of Massachusetts, Lowell     University of Massachusetts, Boston     Pennsylvania State University Founder and Publisher, Journal of the History of Sociology (1977-1982)   Founding Editor, Journal of the History of Sociology (1977-1982)   Editor and Publisher, History of Sociology (1983-1987)
2003 Michael J. Hill    



Section on the History of Sociology Distinguished Scholarly Publication  Award  

Year Name Affiliation Title
2013 Lawrence T. Nichols University of West Virginia.

"Sorokin as a Lifelong Russian Intellectual: The Enactment of a Historically Rooted Sensibility". The American Sociologist  43: 374-405.

2012 Lawrence A. Scaff Wayne State University

2012. Max Weber in America. Princeton University Press.

2011 Not given    
2010 Filipe Carreira da Silva Center for Social Studies, University of Lisbon Mead and Modernity: Science, Selfhood and Democratic Politics
2009 Co. Mary Jo Deegan, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Self, War, and Society: George Herbert Mead's Macrosociology (Transaction Publishers, 2008)
2009 Co. Chad Alan Goldberg, University of Wisconsin-Madison,   “Introduction to Emile Durkheim's ‘Anti-Semitism and Social Crisis,’” Sociological Theory, December 2008 (vol. 26, pp. 299-323)
2008 Mary Jo Deegan, University of Nebraska-Lincoln "The Human Drama Behind the Study of People as Potato Bugs: The Curious Marriage of Robert E. Park and Clara Cahill Park." Journal of Classical Sociology, 2006.
2007 Craig Calhoun,   “Sociology in America: A History,” University of Chicago Press 2007.
2006 Anthony J. Blasi Tennessee State University Diverse Histories of American Sociology
2005 Michael R. Hill and Mary Jo Deegan (Editors)   Social Ethics: Sociology and the Future of Society by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Greenwood Publishing Group, 2004
2004 Not given    
2003 Mary Jo Deegan University of Nebraska Race, Hull House, and the University of Chicago



Section on the History of Sociology Graduate Student Paper Award  

Year Name Affiliation Title

B. Robert Owens

University of Chicago


"The Concept of Laboratory in Early American Sociology".
2012 Daniel R. Huebner University of Chicago “William Jerusalem’s Sociology of Knowledge in the Dialogue of Ideas”.

Bijan Warner

 University of Chicago  
2010 Marcus Hunter, Northwestern University “A DuBoisian Urban Theoretical Framework? Reinterpreting W.E.B. DuBois’s The Philadelphia Negro”
2009 Cristobal Young, Princeton University "The Emergence of Sociology from Political Economy in the United States: 1890-1940"
2008 Robin Das, Fordham University "The Academic Marginalization of Werner Stark"
2007 Not given    
2006 Johnathan Dirk VanAntwerpen University of California-Berkeley “Empiricism, Interactionism, and Epistemological Authority: reexamining Blumer’s Early Sociological Practice” 
2005 Ryan Light Ohio State University "Balkanized or Boundless: The Dynamic Idea Boundaries of American Sociology"
2004 Michael DeCesare University of Massachusetts "Apathetic, Active or Antagonistic? A History of the American Sociological Association's Involvement in High School Sociology."
2003 Ross E. Mitchell University of Alberta “Thorstein Veblen: Pioneer in Environmental Sociology”