Sections on Labor and Labor Movements

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Section is to provide a forum for the full range of work on labor and labor movements (including, but not limited to unions as social movements, work and family, international labor movements, immigration and work/unions, politics and unions, workers' culture, and comparative/historical work), to create networks and graduate mentoring opportunities that will stimulate interaction and increase the rigor and creativity of future work, to bring researchers and applied sociologists together for discussion and debate, to recognize and reward the best work now being done and thereby to encourage future research, and to heighten awareness among section members and the ASA more generally about the research already being conducted in the field.We also have a commitment to provide intellectual support and to maintain an active exchange of ideas and research findings with the labor movement.

Section Officers 2013-2014

Chair Steven McKay University of California, Santa Cruz
Chair-Elect Shannon Marie Gleeson Univ. of California, Santa Cruz
Past Chair Steven H. Lopez Ohio State University
Secretary/Treasurer Paul D. Almeida University of California, Merced

Section Council

Nancy Plankey Videla of Texas A&M University 2014
Belinda C. Lum California State University, Long Beach 2015
Marcos F. Lopez Bowdoin College 2016

Student Representatives

Erin Rose Michaels The Graduate Center at the City University of New York, 2014