Section on Labor and Labor Movements Award Recipients

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Distinguished Scholarly Article Award
Year Name Affiliation Title

Rosenfeld, Jake, and Meredith Kleykamp


2012. “Organized Labor and Racial Wage Inequality in the United States.” American Journal of Sociology 117: 1460-1502. 

2012 Heather Thompson Temple University

2011. “Rethinking Working-Class Struggle through the Lens of the Carceral State: Toward a Labor History of Inmates and Guards” Labor: Working Class Studies of the Americas 8(3): 15-45, Fall 2011.


Jane L. Collins & Victoria Mayer

  2010. Both Hands Tied: Welfare Reform and the Race to the Bottom of the Low-Wage Labor Market. University of Chicago Press.
2010 co Jeffrey Haydu University of California, San Diego

Citizen employers: Business Communities and Labor in Cincinnati and San Francisco, 1870-1916

2010 co Jeffrey Salaz University of Arizona

The Labor of Luck: Casino Capitalism in the United States and South Africa

2010 co Larry Issac, Joshua Page, Jennnifer Seminatore    
2009 Paul Almeida Texas A&M University

"The Sequencing of

Success: Organizing Templates and Neoliberal

Policy Outcomes." Mobilization: The

International Quarterly, 13(2): 165-187.

2008 Not given    
2007 Not given    
2006 Tamara Kay

Honorable Mention:
Ben Cornwell and
Jill Harrison

Harvard University

Labor Transnationalism and Global Governance: the Impact of NAFTA on Transnational Labor Relationships in North America”

“Union Members and Voluntary Associations: Membership Overlap and a Case of Organizational Embeddedness”

2005 Steven Henry Lopez

Honorable Mentions:

Chun Soonok

Beverly Silver

Ohio State University

Johns Hopkins University

Reorganizing the Rust Belt: An Inside Study of the American Labor Movement (University of California Press)

They Are Not Machines: Korean Women Workers and Their Fight for Democratic Trade Unionism in the 1970s (Ashgate)

Forces of Labor: Workers' Movements and Globalization Since 1870 (Cambridge University Press)

2004 Rick Fantasia

Honorable Mentions:

Moon-Kie Jung

Marc Dixon and Vincent Roscigno

  "Dictatorship OVER the Proletariat: Deprivations of Work and Labor in the United States,"Actes de la Recherche en Sciences Sociales 138: 3-18

"Interracialism: The Ideological Transformation of Hawaii's Working Class." 2003. American Sociological Review 68: 373-400

"Status, Networks, and Social Movement Participation: The Case of Striking Workers." 2003. American Journal of Sociology 108: 1292-1327

Distinguished Scholarly Monograph Award
Year Name Affiliation Title
2013 Chris Rhomberg   The Broken Table (Russell Sage, 2012). 
2012 Rhacel Parrenas University of Southern California

2011. Illicit Flirtations: Labor, Migration, and Sex Trafficking in Tokyo. Stanford University Press.

2011 Not given    
2010 Co. Jefferey Salaz 
  Labor of Luck: Casino Capitalism in the United States and South Africa, Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2009.
2010 Co. Jeffrey Haydu     Citizen Employers: Business Communities and Labor in Cincinnati and San Francisco, 1870-1916, Ithaca, NY: Cornell ILR Press, 2008.
2009 Edward Webster, Rob Lambert and Andries Bezuidenhout University of the Witwatersrand, University of Western Australia and Witwatersran  

Grounding Globalization:

Labour in the Age of Insecurity. (Malden, MA: Blackwell Press, 2008.)

2008 Ching Kwan Lee University of Michigan

Against the Law: Labor Protests in China’s Rustbelt and Sunbelt. University of California Press

2007 Steven McKay  

Satanic Mills or Silicon Islands? The

Politics of High-Tech Production in the

Philippines(Cornell/ILR Press, 2006).

Labor and Labor Movements / Critical Sociology Best Student Paper Competition
Year Name Affiliation Title
2013 Co-Winner Barry Eidlin  

"Class vs. Special Interest: Labor Regimes and Union Strength in the United States and Canada, 1911-2011."

2013 Co-Winner Madison Van Oort  

“Post-Recession Governmentalities: Neoliberalism, Job Searching, and Comparative Control in Minneapolis”

2012 Shinji Kojima University of Hawaii- Manoa “Why Do Temp Workers Work as Hard as They Do?: The Process of Embodying the Illusion of Factory Work in Contemporary Japan”
2011 Not given    
2010 Jennifer Seminatore   "The Consequences of Collective Action: The Blue-Green Coalition and the Emergence of a Polanyian Social Movement."

Anna Wetterburg

UC Berkeley

"Codes, Coercion and Culture: Explaining Labor Self-

Regulation in the Apparel Industry."


Not given


Cesar Rodriguez-


University of Wisconsin

“Sewing Resistance:

Transnational Organizing, Anti-Sweatshop Activism,

and Labor Rights in the US-Caribbean Basin Apparel Industry (1990-2005).”


Barry eidlin

University of California-Berkeley

“State Coersion and the Rise of U.S. Business Unionism: The Counterfactual Case of Minneapolis Teamsters”


David Fitzgerald

University of California-Los Angeles

"Mexican State Responses to Labor Emigration, 1900-2004"


Jeffrey Sallaz

Honorable Mentions:

Teresa Sharpe

Jason Moore


"Manufacturing Concessions: Attritionary Outsourcing at GM's Lordstown, USA Assembly Plant

"Union Democracy and Successful Campaigns"

"Remaking Work, Remaking Space, Spaces of Production and Accumulation in the Reconstruction of American Capitalism, 1865-1920”