Section on Organizations, Occupations and Work

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Section on Organizations, Occupations, and Work is to foster the development of these branches of sociology through the advancement of theory and research, and through the communication of knowledge. The Section focuses on concepts and theories from the various social sciences as they apply to problems of organizations, occupational roles and the changing nature of work.

Section Officers 2013-2014

Chair: Mary Blair-Loy, Univ. California-San Diego
Chair-Elect: Mark S. Mizruchi, University of Michigan
Past Chair: Erin Kelly, University of Minnesota
Secretary-Treasurer: Sharon M. Collins, University of Illinois at Chicago

Section Council

Elizabeth H. Gorman, University of Virginia 2014
Victoria Johnson, University of Michigan 2014
Alexandra Kalev, Tel Aviv University 2015
Julie A. Kmec, Washington State University 2015
Kate Kellogg, MIT 2016
Taekjin Shin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2016