Section Services Questionnaire 

Following the 2011 ASA Annual Meeting the Governance and Information Systems Department ran its first ever opinion survey for Section Officers. This questionnaire was designed to solicit input on the breadth and quality of services provided to Sections. The intent is to run this questionnaire each year during September to assess the continued quality and relevance of services provided by the Association and use the data to adjust services accordingly. The results are to be published on the Sections area of the ASA website.

The questionnaire was open from September 16 to October 5. Invitations were sent out to 144 Chairs, Chair-Elects and Secretary-Treasurers who had completed at least one year of their terms at the end of the 2011 Annual Meeting. It was answered by 55 respondents. Of these, 23 were Section Chairs in 2010-11, 16 had been Chair-Elects, and 15 had been Secretary-Treasurers. Three had selected an “other” option. Sixty-seven percent of the respondents (or thirty-eight) had previously held at least one section office. The respondents were drawn evenly from Sections with small, medium and large sized memberships. \

The questionnaire consisted of 33 questions covering topics such as quality of communication and collaboration with ASA staff and which Communications tools should be supported by the Executive Office. A majority of the questions were scored on a 1-5 scale, with 1 showing the least amount of satisfaction and 5 showing the greatest.

2012 Results

Responses (xls)
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2011 Results

Responses (xls)
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