All About Sections

Sections are officially-recognized groups of sociologists who share a common interest in a specific topic. ASA has fifty two sections addressing topics ranging from aging to globalization. Sections are great for networking with your colleagues and keeping up to date with new developments in your field. Sections write newsletters, conduct panels, receptions and sessions at the Annual Meeting, and connect their members on a daily basis through listservs, websites and social media outlets. Some sections even publish scholarly journals. Check out our list of current sections to see if there's a section that matches your interests.

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You must be a current member of ASA to join sections. If you are a current member, go to the member portal and add a section to your membership. (Use your ASA ID and password to log in.) If you are not a current ASA member, you can join on this page.

If you have questions about ASA Sections, please contact the ASA Governance and Sections Office at (202)383-9005 , ext. 330 or e-mail