Teaching Resource Center Syllabi Sets and Teaching manuals

What were the TRC Syllabi Sets or Paper Teaching manuals?

Prior to the development of TRAILS , the ASA's Teaching Resource Center sponsored the creation of paper teaching manuals known as Syllabi Sets. The resources for Syllabi Sets were collected by volunteer editors, who selected teaching materials related to a specific course and organized them into paper volumes, which were then printed and bound with low production cost, card stock covers.  The ASA facilitated the collection of the materials, the production of the bound volumes, and their sale and distribution. 

Where can I find them now?

The majority of the most recent original TRC Syllabi sets were scanned and modulized and became the baseline set of resources in TRAILS.  Over time, the resources in TRAILS will grow far beyond these original materials.  You can find teaching resources from a specific syllabi set by typing the last name of the volume editor into the search box in TRAILS and clicking search.


Many of the resources from the following TRC Syllabi Sets can now be found in TRAILS.

TRAILS Authors and Topics

Topic Author
Alcohol and Drugs, The Sociology of Carrie B. Oser, Richard Dembo, Paul M. Roman
Animals and Society Janet M. Alger, Tracey Smith-Harris, Shawn McEntee, Kim W. Stallwood
Appalachian Studies Chris Baker
Applied Sociology Duane Dukes, James C. Petersen, Thomas L. Van Valey
Body, Teaching the Sociology of Erin K. Anderson & Susan J. Ferguson
Capstone Course in Sociology Theodore C. Wagenaar
CHICANO/AND LATINO/A STUDIES Jose Calderon & Gilda L. Ochoa
Children/Childhood Sue Marie Wright
Comparative-Historical Methods in Sociology John Foran
CONSUMERS AND CONSUMPTION Daniel Thomas Cook, J. Michael Ryan, Meghan Ashlin Rich
Criminology Richard A. Wright
Critical Thinking  
Death and Dying Gerry R. Cox & Timothy B. Gongaware
Demography Teaching Resources Guide David Payne, Loretta Bass, Rebecca A. Nees
Development and Women in Development Basil Kardaras
Deviance and Social Control Martin Schwartz, Michael O. Maume
ECONOMIC SOCIOLOGY Elisabeth Anderson, Michaela DeSoucey
Environmental Sociology Michael Mascarenhas
Ethnoviolence and Hate Crimes Abby Ferber & Kimberly Holcomb
Families Ginger E. Macheski, Kathleen S. Lowney, Michael Capece, Kate Warner, Martha Laughlin
Family and Gender Violence Barbara Keating
GENDER AND WORK Patti A. Giuffre and Sharon R. Bird
Gender, The Sociology of: Betsy Lucal, Amy Blackstone
Genocide, Teaching About Joyce Apsel & Helen Fein
Humanist Sociology Glenn A. Goodwin & Martin D. Schwartz
Innovative Techniques Sandi Kawecka Nenga, Edward L. Kain
Integrating Data Analysis Susan M. Hilal, Meredith Redlin
Introduction to Sociology as a Hybrid Course Lynn Harper Ritchey
Introductory Sociology James P. Sikora & Njeri Mbugua
Issues in U.S. Immigration Nadejda Chapkina, Charles Jaret, Guangya Liu, Angela Pollock
Jewry, The Sociology of Paul Burstein
Marxist Perspective Martha E. Gimenez & Brian P. Hawkins
Mass Media in the Classroom Heather Laube, Sarah Sobieraj
Medical Sociology Robin D. Moremen
Mental Health and Illness, Sociology of Teresa L. Scheid & William Magee
Organizational Donna C. Bird
Peace, War, and Military Institutions Morten G. Ender, Lynn Woehrle, Ryan Kelty
Political Sociology Sarah Sobieraj
Preparing Graduate Students to Teach Morten G. Ender, Marilyn C. Krogh
Proseminars Jean Beaman
Qualitative Methods James David Ballard & Vickie Jensen
Race and Ethnic Relations Donald Cunnigen
Religion, Teaching the Sociology of Lutz Kaelber & Douglas E. Cowan
Research Methods in Cyberspace Norah P. Shultz, Susan Goodrich Lehmann
Science, Knowledge, & Technology Jennifer L. Croissant
Service-Learning and Undergraudate Sociology JoAnn DeFiore, Morten G. Ender, Brenda Marsteller Kowalewski
Sexuality and Sexual Orientation Tracy E. Ore
Social Movements Bob Edwards, Marieke Van Willigen, Tisha Yelverton Kowalewski
Social Networks D.B. Tindall and Todd E. Malinick
Social Problems Walter Carroll & Lutz Kaelber
Social Psychology R. Kettlitz
Social Statistics Rhoda Estep Macdonald
Social Stratification Courses Scott Sernau & Johnnie Griffin
Sociological Concepts and Gender Marybeth C. Stalp & Julie Childers
Sociological Theory: A Resource Book Gillian Niebrugge, Patricia Lengermann, Andrea Brenner
Sociology Of Culture: Teaching Guide William G. Holt
Sociology of Education Jeanne Ballantine, Richard Arum
Sociology of HIV/AIDS Carrie E. Foote-Ardah & Eric R. Wright
Sociology of Law Lloyd Klein
Teaching About Human Rights Joyce A. Apsel
Teaching Sociology & Disability Studies Lynn Schlesinger & Diane E. Taub
THE LIFE COURSE Robin S. Patterson, Richard A. Settersten, Jr.
The Sociology of Food Denise A. Copelton & Betsy Lucal
The Sociology of Sport: James Steele
Utopian Thinking in Sociology Arthur B. Shostak
Violence in American Society Suzanne Goodney-Lea
Visual Sociology/Film/Video Diane Papadamas
Women Founders Into Classical Theory Jan E. Thomas
Work and Family Diane Papadamas